Shi Xiaogang: Congratulations! Our Dr. "AR" doctor was awarded "Student of the Year"!

Great News!

Shi Xiaogang, a PhD student from the School of Integrated Circuit and Electronics at the Beijing Institute of Technology, was recently named the 17th College Student of the Year, one of only 20 in China.

Guided by the Ministry of Education and People's Daily, and co-sponsored by China College Students Online, People's Daily, the Ministry of Education of Guangming Daily and University Student Magazine, a total of 20 "College Students of the Year" candidates were selected and 30 were nominated through the process of organization recommendation, correspondence selection and conference selection with 109 finalists.

Winning the National May Day Labor Medal, the China Youth Entrepreneurship Award, the national most beautiful grass-roots college graduates, the national upward good youth, "after 90" entrepreneurs, a senior engineer...... Shi Xiaogang's talent and his responsibility to serve the country is evidenced in the dazzling honors. Let's get to know the explorer of AR core technology!


In 2009, Shi Xiaogang was admitted to the Electronic Science and Technology major of Beijing Institute of Technology. After entering the university, he made full use of the school's resources to carry out scientific and technological innovation. He taught himself embedded software and hardware in advance. In his second year at university, he developed a fixed-wing UAV with vertical takeoff and landing, which won him the first prize in the sixth "Challenge Cup" Capital College Students Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Works Competition. After graduation, he carried out a series of innovation and entrepreneurship practices. In 2015, he founded Xiaolong Technology Co., LTD., serving as chairman and chief technical officer. In 2019, he returned to his Alma mater, the Beijing Institute of Technology, to pursue his doctorate.


Shi Xiaogang (second from left) wining the first prize in the sixth "Challenge Cup" Capital University Students Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Works Competition

Develop core technologies in key areas

"He who seeks the upper reaches the middle, and he who seeks the middle reaches the lower." Shi Xiaogang's goal is always a little bit higher. In 2015, Shi Xiaogang resigned and started his own business. As one of the first entrepreneurs in the AR field in China, he led the R&D team to achieve a breakthrough from nothing and from 0 to 1. In less than one year, he completed the research and development and mass production of the first AR smart glasses "XLOONG X100" and brought it to the market. From hardware, drivers to APP applications, JF-17 AR smart glasses with full creativity once launched, immediately became the focus of attention in the industry. In 2017, JF-17 released XLOONG X200, a new generation of JF-17 AR smart glasses equipped with advanced technologies such as binocular wide-field Angle display, OLED microdisplay, gesture + voice interaction, etc. In 2018, XLOONG X300, a new-generation JF-17 AR smart glasses equipped with functions such as identity recognition, license plate recognition, law enforcement records and remote command and dispatch, was released. In 2019, Shi Xiaogang led the team to overcome the core technical problems of AR glasses, and successfully developed the nano-grating waveguide display optical device, which has a field Angle of more than 55° and a thickness of less than 2mm. Multiple optical technical indicators and display effects have reached the international leading level. With excellent achievements in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship, Shi Xiaogang has been awarded the "National May Day Labor Medal", the Central Committee of the League "China Youth Entrepreneurship Award", the National Upward Good Youth, the national most beautiful grass-roots college graduates.


National May Day Labor Award Commendation Conference (fifth from right, front row, Shi Xiaogang)


"The Most Beautiful Grass-roots College Graduates" reported by China Daily News

Bear social responsibility and show youth responsibility

In the critical period of COVID-19 prevention and control, Shi Xiaogang actively carried out scientific and technological anti-epidemic work, invested the core research and development force of the team, integrated AR technology and infrared temperature measurement technology, and successfully developed the "wearable AR smart glasses temperature measurement system", realizing the safe, efficient and non-contact temperature detection in mobile patrol and control scenarios. In the fundraising activity of 2021 "Social Support Fund for Collaborative Work", he actively donated donations and took the initiative to participate in the targeted poverty alleviation work of Ningcheng County, Inner Mongolia, providing AR technical support for designated poverty-stricken counties, donating AR smart glasses, and improving the application level of local science and technology in various fields. During the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, he led JF-17 to actively participate in service and security work. His research and development of AR intelligent security system was successfully applied to the opening and closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics, contributing to the "JF-17 Thunder strength" for the "Science and Technology Winter Olympics". At the same time, as a representative in the field of science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship, Shi Xiaogang was selected as the "Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Torch bearer" to participate in the Winter Olympic torch relay and spread the Olympic spirit.


Shi Xiaogang in the torch relay for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

Gratitude and contribution for BIT

Shi Xiaogang holds gratitude while constantly developing his career. In order to repay his Alma mater's education, Shi Xiaogang decided to donate part of his business equity to the Beijing Institute of Technology. "When I was in school, as the person in charge of the science and technology innovation base, I deeply felt the strength of the university's guarantee for science and technology innovation work. Later, on the road of entrepreneurship, Beijing Institute of Technology still gave me a lot of help and support." When he recalls his Alma mater's support, Shi is always grateful. In addition, as a post-90s entrepreneur, Shi Xiaogang was hired as an instructor of mass entrepreneurship and innovation at the Beijing Institute of Technology to share his experience in innovation and entrepreneurship with the young generation.


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