Wang Haitao: dare to be the first to stick to the pursuit of offering service and education


“You can always find more solutions than problems. Daily work contains many ups and downs. As long as you don’t give up and are willing to study, you will finally achieve the goals” said by Wang Haitao, who is the Vice General Manager of BIT Asset Management Co., Ltd and the representative of the 15th Party Congress of BIT. In weekend mornings, he also comes to the office to finish his job, which has become the norm thing in his 15-year dedication for BIT.

In the summer vocation of 2018, the reconstruction project of the No.3 Dining Hall on the Zhongguancun Campus started. In order to realize the completion before the start of the fall semester, the logistics department should organize the construction team to finish the work of demolition, soft and hard decoration, equipment upgrade, and café house remodeling in only 45 days. Wang, the Assistant General Manager of Logistics Group and the Director of Catering Center at that time, as well as his colleagues felt stressed those days.

“Building a modern new canteen that integrates dining, café, leisure, and communication is not only a concrete measure to build a school suitable for learning and living, but also a practice of service and education”. How to improve the dining and life experience of teachers and students? How can the multi-functional canteen provide better services for teachers and students? For these problems, Wang Haitao thoughts that students should be invited to take part in the reconstruction and design of the dining hall, which can not only give full play to students’ professional advantages, stimulate innovative thinking, but also let users participate in it, so as to make the design more in line with users’ needs.

“This scheme is difficult to implement, but in order to encourage students to take advantage of their professional advantages and make bold innovations, we decided to adopt this scheme”. Wang invited the students of the School of Design and Arts to participate in the design of the cafe house throughout the entire process, building an “industrial style” cross-floor café house with BIT characteristics.

“A kind of special material is needed to build a café house. At that time, we searched all over Beijing, but we couldn’t find a suitable processor”. After searching in many ways, Wang and his colleagues finally found suitable materials in Shandong, which solved the problem of materials, but the problem of space has made it difficult for everyone. “To build a cross-floor coffee shop under the condition of the existing dining hall’s floor height, excavators need to be used to dig down a certain depth, so as to ensure the floor height of the coffee shop”. However, there are several concrete steps at the entrance of the dining hall at that time, so the excavator could not cross the steps to enter. Wang and his colleagues searched for the board of the right size to build the road for the excavator, and forcibly moved the excavator meter by meter into the dining hall.

Thanks to the joint efforts, the newly renovated No.3 Dining Hall and the “Enjoy BIT” café house designed by BIT students were successfully completed on the last day before the fall semester of 2018. “We have also designed a graffiti wall to integrate educational elements into modern aesthetics”. Therefore, the new café house provided a new way of spending the leisure time for teachers and students.


In September, 2018, with the adjustment of BIT comprehensive reform organization, Wang Haitao was transferred to the Asset Management Co., Ltd.. In April, 2020, he began to be responsible for business management and school-enterprise reform company clean-up work. The primary task of is to ensure the preservation and appreciation of state-owned assets and prevent the loss of state-owned assets, which is a problem that needs solving urgently.

“In accordance with the requirements of the state to promote the reform of enterprises affiliated to colleges and universities, in addition to policy-reserved enterprises, all enterprises that have no strong relevance to teaching and research must be closed or separated. There are some school-run enterprises established in the early years that do not meet the retention policy and need to be cleaned up”. This is a “hard-bone” project with tight schedule, heavy tasks, historical problems and great difficulties. It requires a comprehensive plan, but also tenacious perseverance to overcome it. Under the guidance, support and help of the main leaders of the company, Wang Haitao, who just took office, quickly conducted extensive research on 57 enterprises involved. “Some enterprises were established in the 1980s, and the information is incomplete. Some enterprises have their business licenses revoked, and some legal persons have passed away. It is extremely difficult to communicate with each other. The difficulty of cleaning up cannot be imagined”. No matter how difficult it is, ways could always be found to overcome it! Wang Haitao went to Xi’an, Harbin, and Taiyuan, etc., successively to promote the cleanup. Repeated interviews and repeated presentations of relevant national policies have witnessed the patient communication of Wang and his colleagues, who have never slackened or complained. “Through the school-enterprise reform, we will gather strength to create three platforms for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the support of scientific and technological innovation systems, and the construction of a suitable learning and livable campus to provide a stronger guarantee for the ‘double first-class’ construction!”.

Since taking over the task, Wang Haitao and his colleagues have carried out hundreds of negotiations in order to gnaw down these 57 “hard-bones” and have a very clear understanding of the situation of each enterprise. “Recently, I have fallen asleep until 2 or 3 o’clock at early morning. My mind is always calculating how to complete the cleanup efficiently and smoothly”. Wang also firmly says that “in the process of reform, we will inevitably encounter various difficulties, and we should spare no efforts to overcome all the difficulties. As a member of the Communist Party, it is my responsibility to unconditionally and resolutely complete the task in accordance with the specified time node of the organization”!