Sun Li: Bringing red education into classes

Celebrate the 20th National Congress and forge a new journey

"Cultivate socialist builders and successors,

Urgent need for our teachers

Not only proficient in professional knowledge, but also a good "classic teacher",

And cultivate virtue and become a 'teacher',

Strive to be good at "preaching, teaching and solving doubts"

The integration of 'Classical Teacher' and 'People's Teacher'. "

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized during the investigation of Renmin University of China that

teachers should be strict with each other and benefit others

At BIT, she is a gentle "crossover goddess" who "perfectly integrates" traditional philosophy into Marxist teaching practice.

The research on several issues of cultural construction in the national key areas that she undertakes won the second prize of provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress, the first prize of the 3rd Beijing University Ideological and Political Theory Teaching Basic Skills Competition, and the Second Prize of the 6th Young Teachers Teaching Basic Skills Competition of Arts Group A 


She has achieved fruitful results, but she said that she is a "crazy person", and she completely forgets herself when she starts a class.

The students commented on her,

"Ms. Sun exudes confidence", "every sentence is loud but can be said in an eloquent manner".

There is a "tenacity" in her calmness, and she is full of enthusiasm in her calmness.

Ms. Sun's classes are not completely based on textbooks, but are introduced step by step through examples, which are close to life and do not feel boring.

The teacher is really very responsible in class! Lectures are also very good!

The teacher is very serious in class, and the examples are witty! Expanding knowledge is also very interesting, which let me learn a lot!

Students' evaluation of Sun Li's class

She deeply integrates Chinese philosophy

with the basic principles of Marxism.

She uses the topical teaching method to explain

the Marxist theory in depth and thoroughly.

She is committed to the exploration and practice of ideological and political courses and curriculum ideological and political co-education.

She is Sun Li, a teacher at the School of Marxism and an expert at the School Curriculum Ideological and Political Teaching Research Center.

Activate the classroom and raise "questions" in a way of a barrage of cannons

In 2002, Dr. Sun Li graduated from the Department of Philosophy, Nankai University, majoring in Chinese Philosophy. After graduation, she came to teach at Beijing Institute of Technology, teaching courses such as "Basic Principles of Marxism". From the "crossover" of traditional philosophy to the basic principles of Marxism, Sun Li never believed that there was a barrier between the two, but organically integrated the two, making the ideological and political course burst out with new charm.

"What is Marxism?"

"Why is Marx great?"

"What is socialism and what is capitalism?"

"Will history end with capitalism?"

"What kind of law is dialectics?"

"Can human know the world?"

"Why do people ask about the ontology?"

"What is the relationship between historical materialism and the self-realization of youth"

"What is a good society?"


Sun Li's class is always full of various "problems"

Why did the teacher who was supposed to answer questions instead let the students brainstorm and "bomb" their thinking? In fact, behind every "hard-core" question thrown, is Sun Li's repeated research on teaching content and careful design of teaching links. The series of questions posed are the complete demonstration of Sun Li's teaching logic. She explained the boring theories lively and interestingly by following the questions one by one.

"She will never limit our jumping thinking because of established viewpoints, but will guide us to think step by step. We like this kind of teaching method very much," said student Yan Yuqi. The in-depth questions made the students realize the power of truth in Sun Li's class and found a "lively and reliable" "Marx". Over the past 20 years, Sun Li has worked diligently, kept improving, and did not dare to slack off. On the basis of a deep grasp of the inherent logic of Marxist theory, Sun Li carefully designed teaching topics, continuously improved the "gold content" of ideological and political courses, and strives to be a master interpreter and chanter of Marxism.

"The podium is a pure land, so you should be in awe. Before class, you should carefully prepare your lessons with a trembling and thin ice attitude, examine yourself every day. Once you step into the podium, you should have a leisurely attitude of lifting weights as light as a feather, focus your attention without distractions, devote yourself wholeheartedly. Teaching a course, from a long time to a sudden breakthrough, is considered a success. " Every class is a "new class" for Sun Li. She has won the first and second prizes in the Beijing Basic Teaching Skills Competition for many times, and was selected into the "Excellent Youth" Talent (Teaching) Training Program of Beijing Institute of Technology.

Some of Sun Li's award certificates and letters of appointment

Drawing and performing lively classrooms

How can we truly read and understand Marx? Vividness is not enough, it is necessary to approach Marx and get close to Marx with warmth and respect.

Over the years, Sun Li has been strict and affectionate with students, benefiting people, and trying to be a "personal teacher" who can shape the character, conduct and taste of students. She has always insisted that the teaching of Marxist theory is not only a journey of thought, but also a journey of soul. It is necessary to combine ideological education, academic education and emotional education, cultivate students' pursuit of noble character, and make Marxist theory practically transform into Internal identity, so as to achieve the unity of truth and value.

Student Work "Marx in My Mind" - Commemorating the 200th Anniversary of Marx's Birth

"Students are active in and good at thinking. On the basis of reading, let them give full play to their own strengths and show Marxism in different forms of works, which is more conducive to the mastery of Marxist theory." Sun Li said.

"Following the Footsteps of Marx" themed student works

"Following the footsteps of Marx", "Marx in my heart"... These after-school assignments have become the "standard" in Sun Li's classroom and have been adhered to for 18 years.

From the birth of Marx in 1818, graduating from university in 1841, to the completion of the Communist Manifesto in cooperation with Engels in 1848, to the publication of Das Kapital in 1867... In the works "Following the Footsteps of Marx" drawn by students, traces can be found in every important achievement of Marx.

"During the drawing process, I seemed to have become a close friend of Marx. I could 'see' him working at his desk in his shabby apartment in Brussels, living in distress but full of enthusiasm, and could 'hear' his and Engels' happy writing and laughing out loud..." said student Zhao Jiapeng, "Marx's courage to pursue truth and value unremittingly, Marx's ideals, beliefs and mind-boggling attitudes that have been displaced throughout his life without changing his original intentions make us admire."

Student work "Portrait of Marx"

Students doing class presentation

In order to stimulate students' creative desire, Sun Li encouraged students to constantly "renovate" the form of their works. Lectures, debate competitions, DV shows, short plays, poetry recitations, original songs, paintings, calligraphy... In every interpretation, debate and work, the students' understanding of Marx is becoming more and more vivid. Marx is no longer the "most familiar stranger", but the "most familiar person" who still lives around us.

Integrate into the classroom, educate people through ideological and political education

"Course ideological and political courses are not the 'ideological and political' of professional courses, nor the 'de-knowledge' of professional courses, nor the 'generalization' of ideological and political courses." Talking about course ideology and politics, Sun Li opened the conversation. Since 2019, Sun Li has given full play to her professional strengths and actively participated in the ideological and political construction of the school curriculum.

Course ideological and political case show that Sun Li participated in and guided

How to deepen the cognition of the ideological and political values and methods of the curriculum? What are the construction rules of "professional ideology and politics" and "discipline ideology and politics"? How to highlight the social responsibility, national mission, craftsman spirit and other value elements contained in the characteristic and advantageous disciplines? How to create a course ideological and political brand of "Yan'an root, military industry soul"? ...On the way to explore curriculum ideology and politics, Sun Li took a series of questions to start the revision and review of more than a thousand "curriculum ideological and political responsibility points" in all disciplines and majors in BIT, and condensed the wonderful expression of ideological and political elements with teachers of various majors, polish the characteristic teaching case.

The combination of ideological and political courses and curriculum ideology and politics focuses on mastering the mechanism of curriculum ideology and politics and finding out the "context" of curriculum ideology and politics. Focusing on the spiritual connotation of the school, Sun Li gathered achievements and examples of BIT’s development and construction in recent years to provide red resource support for the collaborative education of ideological and political courses. In order to promote the BIT’s ideological and political brand building experience, Sun Li also undertook the selection and revision of the school's ideological and political demonstration for 100 courses.

The ideological and political course is not just a matter for the teachers of ideological and political courses or professional courses, but a brand-new educational concept and an important content of education reform. The background is to emphasize value guidance in the dissemination of knowledge, and to cultivate morality and people in the silent place of moistening things.

In order to help more young teachers do a good job in the ideological and political construction of the curriculum, Sun Li gave several lectures. How to find the right entry point, the applicable fusion point and the appropriate emotional point? How to lead students to "understand China" in the professional field and cultivate students' overall strategic awareness of China's future development? ...In every course lecture, Sun Li taught students without reservation, transforming her accumulated experience in ideological and political classrooms into a "skill pack" to help young teachers realize the transformation of ideological and political concepts and the improvement of their abilities.

The hills and mountains are humble and high, and the rivers and waters are large. On the road of step-by-step exploration, Sun Li has also continued to accumulate her own research, and has written books such as "Fifteen Questions about Curriculum Ideology and Politics", "Course Ideological and Political Theory and Teaching Research", "Red Gene Inexhaustible Power" and other books to provide courses for ideological and political construction. Resource support and method guidance have deeply imprinted the red genes of BIT in the hearts of every class and every student.

Always maintain a sense of reverence,

and use the "salt" of ideological and political

to tell the "taste" of truth,

This is Sun Li

Classroom Highlights

Because of Ms. Sun, we fall in love with this class!

Craftsmanship Teacher

2022 is the year of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and a key year for the implementation of the "14th Five-Year Plan". The Propaganda Department of the Party Committee specially launched a special report on "Celebrate the 20th National Congress and Forge a New Journey" to fully demonstrate the BIT's strengthening of the party's leadership. The achievements of party building, vividly telling the story of the struggle of BITers, and widely gathering the majestic strength of the BIT’s career development, welcomed the convening of the 20th National Congress with excellent results.

As a sub-topic of "Celebrate the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and Forge a New Journey", the column of "Craftsmanship Teachers" will successively launch a series of special reports on good teachers who insist on cultivating morality, conscientiousness, and silent dedication in front-line education positions.