[Character close-up] Graduate Wang Jianxing: Serving the Country is a Matter of Course

  "I am very grateful to Beijing Institute of Technology, which has enabled me to realize my dream for many years." I signed the employment agreement with full confidence and looked forward to the future. He is Wang Jianxing, a graduate of 2020 from the School of Automation, Beijing Institute of Technology.

  First prize, champion, excellent student... In the seven years of studying and living in Beijing Institute of Technology, Wang Jianxing has harvested a lot, leaving behind a series of shining achievements. And behind the achievements is his hard work and diligence and the red gene integrated into the blood.

  "When I look for a job, I would like to find a work place which matches my own specialized field. After studying at Beijing Institute of Technology for so many years, I especially want to use my professional knowledge to contribute to the country and society." This is what Wang Jianxing said and what he also did. In 2020, under the background of the 2019-nCoV, the employment situation of college students is very serious, but Wang Jianxing is not too worried. During the postgraduate period, he followed the research group and participated in the research work of major national projects. He has developed excellent skills in the fields of artificial intelligence and driverless research, and has been favored by many institutes. Among them are many well-known enterprises in the industry, who have thrown olive branches to Wang Jianxing, and can even provide an annual salary of 300,000 yuan.

  However, in the face of favorable conditions, Wang Jianxing was unimpressed. As a student of Beijing Institute of Technology, he always had the dream of serving the country in his heart. In the end, Wang Jianxing refused an annual salary of 300,000, and resolutely chose an aerospace research institute to join the national key industry and use the professional knowledge to serve the country. Speaking of his own choice, Wang Jianxing's answer was firm and powerful: “at the Beijing Institute of Technology, the red gene that is determined to serve the country is always by my side. The teachers all have a firm adherence to ideals. For decades, they are conscientious and dedicated. I have the opportunity to participate in some major projects. Using the knowledge that I have learned to serve the country is my most familiar and favorite feeling. In the face of graduation, my choice is a matter of course. " During this precious time, I have accumulated more energy and mastered more knowledge. Behind " a matter of course", Wang Jianxing persisted for many years of diligence.

  An intelligent service robot is particularly conspicuous in the lobby of a Minsheng Bank in Shijiazhuang. It can independently lead customers to handle various businesses, and it is my country's first mobile banking service robot with financial business management functions. It has been deployed in more than 30 banking outlets nationwide. This is also the research achievement that Wang Jianxing participated in during his graduate studies.

  From 2017 to 2020, Wang Jianxing won many awards including the National Scholarship and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Scholarship of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in the three years of postgraduate study, with outstanding achievements. Wang Jianxing was once hailed as a "koi physique" by his surrounding students, saying that he can always be lucky. However, Wang Jianxing knew that this "luck" did not come easily.

  In the summer of 2018, in an important unmanned vehicle competition, because the venue was selected in the wild mountain area, Wang Jianxing and his partners debugged the vehicle overnight. In the gale of the evening, two coats still froze in a chill, but it did not affect everyone's enthusiasm for the game. "How can there be any koi physique, pragmatic efforts are my magic weapon for winning." This is Wang Jianxing's understanding of "luck".

  For this "luck", Wang Jianxing underwent daily self-study until 12 o'clock at night during his undergraduate period. He insisted on doing targeted pre-study before class, and reorganized the knowledge after class. "Studying is boring and tedious, but when you get results and get the first place in the competition, all your efforts and dedication will turn into happy enjoyment."

  There will be times when the wind and waves break, and the sails will be hung directly in the sea. When leaving his alma mater and starting a new stage in his life, Wang Jianxing is full of hopes, "The study and life in Beijing Institute of Technology have cultivated my good professional ability and the will to overcome difficulties. In my new position, I will work harder to continue to inherit the red genes of Beijing Institute of Technology and write a new life."