Mr. Big of BIT

  Every Thursday at 6:30 p.m., there is always an aged professor teaching the course of Information System and Security Countermeasures in Room 1004 of Information Building in Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhongguancun district for 62 undergraduates, exactly on time. The professor in class, hale and hearty, attracts all the students in class with his quick mind and brilliant lessons.

  In 1993, he left the Military and Industrial Institute to BIT. From the moment he became a teacher of this university, he has never given up the cause for 25 years.

  The professor has taken the lead in developing China’s information technology for military use from scratch to flourish. China’s first fire control radar 301 system as well as many other technologies that have been invented for the first time in China and even the world was also developed by him. In addition, he has won National Science Progress Award 1st class and The State Science and Technology Meeting Award for many times and other science and technology awards. The 86-year-old man who is still teaching undergraduates is Mr. Wang Yue, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and China Engineering Academy, former president of BIT, outstanding strategic scientist, engineering educator, and expert in radar and communication system.

  Devotion to Family and Country, Lofty Aspirations and Boundless Ambitions
      When the July 7th Incident broke out in 1937, 5-year-old Wang Yue was studying in Tianjin and witnessed the wanton and indiscriminate bombing of Japanese invaders. He talked about the painful memories:“At that time, Our headmaster Zhao Tianlin offered to take in those students and teachers from other schools who were forced to suspend classes because of the bombing. He greeted them at our school gate every morning regardless of the weather.”After Tianjin was occupied, that headmaster refused to conduct enslaving education for Japanese invaders in spite of all kinds of threats and inducements. In the end, he was assassinated at home. “He taught me the meaning and nature of a nation at the cost of his own life”, said Wang Yue.

  In the late period of the Anti Japanese War, the shortwave radio that was kept secretly often brought exciting news to Wang Yue’s family, which stealthily led to his ambition of serving the country through studying radio technology. The seeds of the great ambition of life were planted in his devotion to his family and country.

  In the summer of 1950, Wang Yue graduated from high school. Although he could have applied for 21 majors in colleges. he chose to major in radio without hesitation. With the development of national defense, his research direction shifted from civil radio to military radar. After leaving college, Wang Yue has been engaged in the research of fire control radar system, information system and its security countermeasures for a long time, which directly promoted the development of relevant national defense technology. Even though he has experienced numerous ups and downs and difficulties, he has never forgotten his original aspiration and never given up radar research.


Wang Yue is doing scientific research on the spot

  In 1993, the reform of China's education system began. Wang Yue, serving as director of the Institute of Gunfire Control Radar, was appointed president of Beijing Institute of Technology. But by this time, his career was moving into top gear and his achievements in scientific research had won many awards. In face of this major turning point in his life, he did not hesitate and resolutely accepted the organizational arrangement. “It is my bounden duty to cultivate talents for my country. There must be no hesitation or shirking!”Wang Yue said so.

  In BIT, WangYue was not only in charge of the running of the university, but also stood in the position of the whole country. In terms of the characteristics of BIT, he set out his new pursuit of serving the country to train qualified talents to meet the urgent needs of developing China’s national defense science and technology. While working as president of BIT, Wang Yue was also engaged in scientific research and teaching until his eighth decade!

  Seeing this vigorous old gentleman writing swiftly and energetically on the desk, being dedicated to preaching, teaching and dispelling doubts in class, teachers and students are always moved by his unstinting efforts and devotion to cultivate talents for the country.

  A man With Profound Knowledge and Effective Education Methods

  In 1991,Wang Yue became an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences. And in 1994, he was elected academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, making him one of the only 34 academicians of both houses.

  In view of the urgent need to ensure national information security at that time, Wang Yue had pioneered to apply to add the major of “Information Countermeasure Technology”in weapon discipline in BIT and it was approved by the Ministry of Education in 1998. Then, BIT became one of the first four universities in China to establish this major, which laid a good foundation for cultivating information security professionals in China.
“In 2000, we started to enroll undergraduate students in this major. While the major was established, our task became more difficult. Starting bare-handed, there was no team support or any teaching materials for us, so Mr. Wang formed his own team and wrote textbooks himself. He was president of BIT with heavy work burden. However, he did not slack for a moment.”recalled by Luo Senlin, director of Information Security and Countermeasure Technology Laboratory, lead professor of this major.

Wang Yue with some team members

  A major should be set up with high standard and remarkable success, attaining its goal to cultivate talents. Wang Yue believes that “the most cutting-edge knowledge is a necessary qualification for a teacher to cultivate leading talents. ‘There is no end for knowledge and teaching should be individualized’. We'd love to have more students understanding the foundation courses. Meanwhile, to those who stand out from the rest, we must put them through trials and tribulations, teach them according to their aptitude and give full play to their talents.”With this teaching concept, Wang Yue threw himself into teaching scheme evaluation, teaching method research and teaching staff construction. Not only did he make the major of Information Countermeasure Technology a specialty of provincial and ministerial level, but he built a teaching team with both high academic standards and excellent teaching abilities. The national quality video open course The Information System and Security Countermeasures Theory created by him has won the grand prize of State-level Outstanding Achievements in Education; The Information System and Security Countermeasures Theory jointly written by Wang Yue and Luo Senlin was named national defense excellent textbook. And their teaching achievement, The Innovative Personnel Training and Practice of Information Countermeasure Technology Major was awarded second prize of State-level Teaching Achievement of Higher Education. Wang Yue was also honored State-level Outstanding Teacher and State-level Teaching Team Leader.

  It is worth mentioning that in Wang Yue’s teaching approach, he passes on profound knowledge in combination with traditional Chinese culture that he loves to affect the students with a thought of pursuing meticulous scholarship to form good personalities. Han Xiaoxin, a 2017 graduate student, wrote in the final report: Professor Wang always mentioned in class one of the philosophical concepts in Taoism that ‘reversing is the movement of Tao and inaction and feebleness are the function of Tao’, which perfectly explains the nature of information countermeasures and the law of unity of opposites... What he taught was not just a professional course but a lecture on life.”

  “To make students surpass me is my aspiration. Students can learn from and excels the teachers.” Over the past 20 years, more than 1,500 graduates have been trained in the major of information countermeasure technology. And all of them have made important contributions in different positions to the development of national defense. Among Wang Yue’s students, there are professor of Chang Jiang Scholars Program, winner of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, Outstanding Teachers in Beijing, as well as a large number of talents in science and technology and pillars of the country. For example, chief designers working in the national defense science and technology industry, and directors of research institutes. At the same time, the National Undergraduate Electronics Design Contest organized by Wang Yue has been carried out for more than 20 years. It has become an important and influential event in relevant fields in China, and has played a positive role in promoting the cultivation of top-notch innovative talents in electronic information.

  At the end of 2017, the theoretical and practical teaching team of “The Information System and Security Countermeasures”, of which Wang Yue is the leader, was rated as the first batch of Huang Danian Teaching Team in China.

  A Model for Others, A man With Goodness in High Esteem

  “The first thing I told myself when I came to the university was to become a good teacher.”As president of BIT, no matter how busy he was with his duties, Wang Yue has always insisted on being in class and is engaged in teaching undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral students even to this day. What's more, wearing a suit and tie has become his standard match while teaching. Even though having been entering into his eighth decade, he still stands up all the time when giving lessons. Teaching is the biggest deal in his life, so his lesson preparation has always been meticulous. He works precisely and seriously, being a model for his students with immeasurable virtue that deserves everyone’s admiration.
      In 2017, Wang Yue was invited to a symposium on postgraduate teaching in Hainan. In order to avoid delaying his 6:30 p.m. course, Wang Yue planned to take a plane and arrive in Beijing at 4:30 p.m. However, the plane was late when it arrived because of the weather condition. Even though Professor Luo Senlin , the other teacher of that course had been asked to take over that lesson for him, Wang Yue insisted that the driver drive him directly from the airport to the teaching building, despite the weariness from a tiring journey. Shi Jianwei, Wang Yue’s contact at the university office remembered: “I was particularly impressed that time. It was 6:29 when professor Wang arrived at the classroom. Without a break, he gave three courses in a row. And it was already 9:30 that he got home after class to have dinner.”However, none of his student knew the toil and hurries the octogenarian academician had been through for that class.
Education is a cause of benevolence and love. Wang Yue, a highly respected man with lofty virtue, has been holding on to this cause for decades. 

  However, there are people who do not understand Wang Yue's love for education and said that he did not have to work so hard as a teacher considering his age. Wang Yue, however, said that teaching and educating people was his absolute priority, and teaching was the task he attached greatest importance to. As a scientist and educator, Wang Yue believes that the purpose of teaching is to educate people, “If teaching depends on the teachers’ knowledge, then education depends on the teachers’ personality charm. Good teachers should be helpful friends with students.”
      Li Bingzhao, professor from School of Mathematics of BIT, was once a doctoral student of Wang Yue. During his on-the-job PhD period, he was also responsible for teaching mathematics at the university. Due to his busy schedule, he could not study with all his energy or pay enough attention to his research. When Wang Yue, his advisor found out, he pointed out to him directly and seriously: “scientific research should be problem-based, not degree-oriented.” Under the guidance of Wang Yue, Li Bingzhao consciously improved his mind and became more and more rigorous in his studies and research. Eventually, he was nominated for National Excellent Doctoral Dissertations. “In the process of writing the doctoral thesis, Pro. Wang made detailed revisions to my entire thesis. For some manuscripts I had discussed with him, he gave suggestions and opinions on revision in handwriting with a pencil stroke by stroke,” Li said.

  In addition to the strict academic requirements, Wang Yue also devotes his love and warmth to his students with salutary influence of education. Professor Luo Senlin, one of Wang’s students recalled:“A few years ago, I suddenly had backache which made it difficult for me to move. After learning about this, Pro. Wang immediately asked someone to bring me back a kind of medical instrument to tie my waist from the United States, which alleviated my back pain. Even to this day, Pro. Wang always concerns about my waist condition.”

  Day after day, teachers and students around Wang Yue are deeply moved by those “things that should be done and not worth praising” that Wang Yue always believes.

  “The glory of the university should rest upon the character of the teachers and scholars and not upon their numbers of buildings constructed for their use.”The teachers and scholars here refer to those teachers of knowledge, moral conduct and life. Wang Yue is definitely a master of this kind, the Mr. Big of BIT!


  Wang Yue witnessed China and the nation’s great transformation from rising up to getting prosperous and strong. In this great historical process, he has adhered to his patriotism and will to serve the country, keeping in mind his mission of teaching and educating, and was willing to work as a seeder and paving stone. He has cultivated a batch of scientific and technological pioneers and pillars of the country with his profound academic attainments and unique charisma! Besides, he has always been sticking to the combination of teaching knowledge and educating people, setting up examples for others with both precept and practice;concentrating on studies while paying close attention to society; attaching importance to both academic freedom and academic norms. Wang Yue has set an example with his own conducts as an outstanding representative of educators of the older generation in BIT, as well as an example and model for all BITers in the new era. Wang Yue is far and away the “Mr. Big” who deserves everyone’s respect and admiration!

  Professor Wang is man of high moral character and great talent. One could not help but follow him as a model of conduct. After the article was posted on WeChat, stories about academician Wang Yue brought out strong resonance among teaching staff and students in BIT. A lot of them shared it in their WeChat Moments and commented on it to show their respect and admiration of Wang Yue, which was heartfelt and sincere, fully reflecting the inspiration and positive energy brought by Professor Wang Yue, the “Mr.Big” of BIT. The following is some of the teachers’ and students’ comments extracted from the platform of WeChat.

  Quan Yuan, a 2014 student from School of Information and Electronics: I was fortunate to listen to that course of Academician Wang Yue. That time, the 80-year-old gentleman stood all night and finished three lessons, which greatly worried us students. The professor taught us not only knowledge, but also philosophy. His attitude, knowledge and moral character, which will surely be the ethical wealth of our life, are worthy of our admiration and learning.

  Shi Jianwei from the University Office: Academician Wang Yue was still busy with National Undergraduate Electronics Design Contest even when it was his birthday on April 1. I am very proud of my alma mater for having such a Mr. Big!

  Xu Yuanqing from School of Life Science: More than ten years ago, I had the privilege of going on a business trip to Changchun with Academician Wang. It impressed me deeply that he took the book of Nonlinear Systems Theory with him on the way. When I asked him about the importance of the nonlinear system, he was very patient to tell me that most of the current systems are nonlinear. Although some problems have been solved by linearization, there are still too many problems that are not solved and are needed to be solved urgently. At that time, I had just graduated with a bachelor's degree and it was hard for me to understand what the professor said. All I could do was to simply nodded in admiration.

  Fang Ping from the Office of Teaching Affairs: I was lucky to have worked in the organizing committee of “National Undergraduate Electronics Design Contest”, an important event for Chinese college students organized by President Wang Yue, and felt his style of work as a great master closely!
Gao Weitao from School of Mathematics and Statistics: “The glory of the university should rest upon the character of the teachers and scholars and not upon their numbers of buildings constructed for their use.”The teachers and scholars here refer to those teachers of knowledge, moral conduct and life. Wang Yue is definitely a master of this kind, the Mr. Big of BIT!

  Xu Xin from the Student Affairs Office: Mr. Wang attends our Xu Teli scholarship defense meeting every year. For four or five hours in a row, he is always the judge who asks and comments the most, but he never says he is tired.

  Sun Fei from School of Art and Design: Professor Wang Yue is a giant in the academic circles of China. The kind old man was president of the university when I was in college.

  Bao Chenggang from the Research Institute of Science and Technology: Mr. Wang shouldered the heavy responsibilities of teaching, scientific research, administration and personnel training at the same time. He is undoubtedly a role model of us.

  Li Zhi, Counsellor at School of Information and Electronics: I had the opportunity to take the course of Academician Wang Yue when I was an undergraduate and gained a lot. I was very lucky to be able to feel the great demeanor of the master.

  Ren Junfeng, a 2016 graduate student from the School of Mechatronical Engineering: Mr. Wang is a great master and teacher in real sense. I was fortunate to have spent some time with the old man and learned a lot. The complex giant system advocated by him is a perfect combination of system theory and philosophy.

  Cui Yuhan, a 2017 graduate student from the School of Mechanical Engineering: I once listened to the speech of President Wang Yue on the alumni reunion of our class and was deeply moved by his spirit to be an upright person before getting into research.

     Partially refer to Sky Without Shadow——The Story of Wang Yue. Some pictures are provided by the Collection Base of the Material Acquisition Project of the Senior Scientists in the university library.