Xu Chenyu: Dare to fight and innovate, the innovative talent cultivated by the BIT

He studied hard and

participated in 6 major national key research projects,

with 10 authorized patents, 4 software copyrights,

and 4 papers published

He won Xu Teli Scholarship, National Scholarship, and Chinese Instrument and Control Society Scholarship

He overcame obstacles, participated in various innovation and entrepreneurship competitions,

and won 17 provincial and ministerial awards and above, including 8 national awards

He is Xu Chenyu, a 2019 postgraduate student of BIT


It is impossible to gallop thousands of miles within one day

"People who are better than you work thousands of times harder than you. Why don’t you work hard?" Xu Chenyu often reminds himself. When talking, he will habitually push his glasses. Under his gentle and honest appearance, there is a spirit of daring to break through and fight. Since enrollment in 2019, in just two years, Xu Chenyu has achieved a series of shining results in the innovation and entrepreneurship competition, as if a horse, galloping on the vast grassland of BIT.

Looking back on many competition experiences, Xu Chenyu was most impressed by participating in the National University Students' Opt-Sci-Tech Competition, which is the largest and most influential national event in the field of optoelectronics. Although Xu Chenyu had a rich experience in competitions during his college years, Xu Chenyu did not slack in the process of preparing for the competition. He kept improving, innovating, and meticulously crafting every detail. In order to polish a good work, Xu Chenyu stays in the laboratory every day, writing codes, adjusting data, and doing experiments, often returning to the dormitory to rest in the middle of the night.


Xu Chenyu is debugging equipment

After failing again and again, overthrowing again and again, Xu Chenyu never gave up, just for the dream in his heart. The hard work pays off. In 2020, Xu Chenyu and his team won the gold medal in the first prize in the start-up group of the 8th National University Students' Opt-Sci-Tech Competition. This experience also ignited Xu Chenyu's "engine" of innovation. In the past two years, he has successively won 8 national awards, including the National Championship of the China Instrument and Meter Competition and the first prize of the China North Industries Group Innovation Competition.

Some people think that Xu Chenyu's brilliant achievements are due to his talent, but Xu Chenyu himself does not think so. He said: "I know the truth that a slow sparrow should make an early start, and I will work harder than others."

"Because of a data, he can stay up over the night. At four o'clock in the morning, he returned to the dormitory with a look of excitement. When asked, I knew that a problem that had plagued him for a long time had finally been solved today. " Xu Chenyu's classmate and partner Li Guoliang recalled. "Xu Chenyu treats scientific research issues rigorously and seriously, and will never give up unless the problem is solved." said his tutor Cao Jie. In the eyes of teachers and classmates, Xu Chenyu is a very "hard-working" person.


Xu Chenyu's Wechat Moments after finishing the experiment in the early morning

BIT cultivating an innovative talent

"Applying scientific research results to serve the national economy and people's livelihood." Xu Chenyu believes that this is the duty and mission of the youth of BIT in the new era. Xu Chenyu not only engages in scientific research, participates in competitions, but also sets up a company. Under the influence of the good atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship at BIT, with the help of the BIT's innovation and entrepreneurship instructor and tutor Cao Jie, Xu Chenyu and his team members established Beijing Liming Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.


Xu Chenyu at the 2021 selection competition of excellent entrepreneurial teams of college students in Beijing

He led the development of the "Liming Human and Insect Bionic Eyes", which broke through the limitations of existing domestic 3D imaging products relying on foreign core devices, and built a high-performance sensing unmanned platform with wide viewing angle, clear imaging, long detection distance, and fast imaging speed. The platform is widely used in unmanned vehicles, unmanned ships, unmanned aerial vehicles and other aspects. At present, the company has cooperated with Suzhou Anzhi Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Suzhou Catai Auto Technology Co., Ltd., and China North Industries Group Corporation Limited.


Xu Chenyu at the site of landing exhibition and docking of College Students' innovation and entrepreneurship projects at Qingdao International Academician Park

Everyone "innovating" together, forging ahead hand in hand on the road of " entrepreneurship and innovation"

Xu Chenyu's scientific research and practical experience have not only gained honor and applause, but also responsibility and mission. On the platform of BIT's innovation and entrepreneurship, Xu Chenyu has obtained good experience and growth. How to pass on the experience of innovation and entrepreneurship? How to let more students devote themselves to innovation and entrepreneurship? Behind the success, Xu Chenyu has a new goal.

With the support of the school, Xu Chenyu, as a graduate student pioneer, participated in the preparation of the BIT Optoelectronics Intellisense Studio, focusing on photoelectric detection and perception related technologies to innovate and inspire entrepreneurial thinking, guiding students to participate in science and technology competitions, and applying the knowledge learned to the actual production and life.


The Optoelectronics Intellisense Studio carrying out innovation exchange activities

As a peer mentor in the studio, Xu Chenyu can be said to have taught each other in terms of experience sharing and competition guidance. After each competition, Xu Chenyu will sum up the experience and share it with the younger students. In the competition guidance, he is also doing his best. “Last year we participated in the Opt-Sci-Tech Competition, just then the Covid-2019 spread fast. The seniors organized online training several times and led us to continuously polish and improve our works. With the help of the seniors, we achieved good results!" said Wu Jiawei, a member of the studio.

Teachers lead students, old students lead new students, Xu Chenyu hopes to help more students as best he can. After two years of hard work, the studio now has more than 80 members and has organized more than 20 offline and online technological innovation trainings. The members have won 41 provincial and above awards, including 16 national awards.


Group photo of the studio

Talking about the future, Xu Chenyu said that he will continue to study at BIT for a PhD degree, and continue to explore and advance on the road of innovation and entrepreneurship. Xu Chenyu named his company "Liming", which means that he upholds the school motto of "virtue to approach truth, knowledge to be profound", and he is determined to serve the country's major strategic needs, contribute to the building of a strong country, and be a newcomer for an era of national rejuvenation.