Liu Jinxu: Creating Useful "Material" for "Building a Sword for the Country"

He is determined to innovate in science and technology and do "the most needed scientific research in the country".

He has presided over more than 10 national-level scientific research projects and more than 20 school-enterprise cooperative scientific research projects, a lot of results of which have been transformed and applied.

He teaches and educates people and guides students to "be down-to-earth and work diligently".

Over the past ten years, he has trained nearly 30 master and doctoral students.

He is Professor Liu Jinxu of School of Materials Science and Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology

Today, let us get close to Liu Jinxu together

and listen to his story of struggle

Inheritance of teachers and Taoism

Only to do "the most needed scientific research in the country"

"The test was successful! "At noon in summer, the sun is shining brightly, and on the proving ground surrounded by three mountains, with the cheers of the students, Professor Liu Jinxu of the School of Materials Science and Technology of BIT burst into the joy of success. This is another application of scientific research results. The verification test is also the best test of the 3 years of hard work by this scientific research team.

In 2000, Liu Jinxu was admitted to Beijing Institute of Technology with excellent grades, majoring in materials science and engineering. In 2004, he was a master and doctoral student under the tutelage of Academician Cai Hongnian and Professor Li Shukui. After graduating with a doctorate in 2009, he stayed at BIT to teach, and has forged an indissoluble bond with materials science since then.

Liu Jinxu presenting a class to students

"To do scientific research, we must be 'indomitable', we must not only aim at the major needs of the country, but also pay attention to basic research, not only to be able to "calm down and do basic research" in the laboratory, but also to "go out to understand industrial production and applications." Only by attaching importance to basic research work can we achieve original innovation and technological leadership of scientific research results. Only by understanding the frontier development trends in the field can we accurately grasp the scientific research direction that meets the needs of the country. "When it comes to scientific research, Liu Jinxu opened the conversation.

"From the beginning of my doctoral study, every research I have carried out is aimed at the needs of the country, aiming at practicality and ease of use." During his Ph.D. study, his supervisors, Academician Cai Hongnian and Professor Li Shukui, gave Liu Jinxu detailed scientific research guidance and a broad space for free exploration, and also gave him the scientific research responsibility and mission committed to innovation and science and technology. In the absence of previous experience to follow, under the careful guidance of his mentor, Liu Jinxu removed impetuousness, calmed down, and worked hard, and finally achieved innovative breakthroughs and successfully completed the research goals of the project. In the process, Liu Jinxu has exercised his scientific research ability and good scientific literacy, and at the same time, he has also strengthened the scientific research ideal of "building a sword for the country". In the following years of work practice, Liu Jinxu also passed on this scientific research ideal to his students.

Liu Jinxu guiding students to experiment

"The R&D and innovation of each new material is a tough process. Scientific research requires perseverance, endurance and excellent ability to tackle tough problems, and it also requires the courage and determination to be on the bench for ten years." Over the years, Liu Jinxu has always maintained the tenacity of daring to work hard and forge ahead bravely. In order to develop and verify a new material, Liu Jinxu often shuttles between laboratories and test sites, regardless of the severe cold and heat, and the long distances. The experimental scene described above has become the daily routine of Liu Jinxu's scientific research.

Only by sinking can you leap, and only by accumulating can you present it with ease. After more than ten years of work, he devoted himself to research and quietly cultivated, and achieved a series of scientific research achievements.

Determined to innovate and promote a number of achievements to the "application field"

Materials are substances that humans use to manufacture useful devices and construct facilities. The history of human society development is also a history of understanding, developing and utilizing new materials. In recent years, with the rapid development of China’s science and technology and industry, new requirements have also been put forward for materials. "The development of different equipment requires different materials. My scientific research work is to serve the country's major strategic needs and develop special materials." Liu Jinxu said.

In industrial preparation of key materials, the technical route of smelting-casting-deformation is usually adopted. However, if this method is used for new materials developed by the team, the preparation process is too complicated, the quality is difficult to control, and the cost is very high. Liu Jinxu led the team to start from the physical properties of the new materials developed, abandoning the traditional preparation methods, and innovatively proposed a new preparation method using low-cost element powders as raw materials. This method simplifies the material preparation process and reduces the manufacturing cost, but at the same time brings a series of new technical problems, such as low density, poor plasticity, and high oxygen content of the material, which are difficult to meet the requirements of equipment use.

Faced with a series of problems, Liu Jinxu led the team to design a small database containing hundreds of materials and processes. From the material design concept, preparation process to performance evaluation, the mechanism analysis and optimization of each preparation process of each material are carried out one by one, and no detail is missed. Finally, some problems of new material preparation technology are solved, and a low-cost, high-efficiency and batch production method is established. "It's a pity that many scientific research results have not reached the stage of application. The previous progress has been smooth, but when it comes to practical application, it is suddenly found that the cost is so high and I have to give up." Liu Jinxu said.

Liu Jinxu with team members

"In scientific research, especially in the technical fields related to the country's core competitiveness, we must insist on independent innovation, so as to have completely independent intellectual property rights and not be controlled by others." Over the years, Liu Jinxu has carried out research on the whole chain in response to the demand for new materials, and has applied many achievements of independent innovation to engineering. Since 2018, a number of scientific research achievements led by Liu Jinxu's team have been industrialized, successfully applied to the research and development and production of many products, solved many problems in the field, and made positive contributions to the development of the industry. In 2021, the project he led won the second prize of provincial and ministerial level technological invention awards.

With integration of science and education

Cultivating talents in the field of materials

"Be steadfast and work diligently." In June this year, doctoral student Si Shengping successfully completed his studies and is about to go to a new job. In the six years of his master's and doctoral studies at BIT, these 8 characters are the most valuable spiritual wealth taught to him by his mentor Liu Jinxu, and they are also the guidelines for his life and work.

Looking back on the autumn 6 years ago, as a freshman in the first year of the master's degree, Si Shengping didn't know much about the research direction and subject content he was engaged in, and he couldn't figure it out for a while. "Start bit by bit and take it slow." "As long as you don't give up on yourself, I won't give up on you. "By thinking about the problem from multiple perspectives, we can grasp the main contradiction of the problem." Liu Jinxu's concern and guidance made him regain confidence and start his scientific research journey.

In addition to doing scientific research, Liu Jinxu has also devoted a lot of effort and energy to the process of talent training. He taught students in accordance with their aptitude, and while teaching professional knowledge, he paid more attention to cultivating students' good scientific literacy and the code of conduct. He often said: "We must strive for excellence in doing things, do the best we can, and always regard ourselves as the first responsible person for the task."

Liu Jinxu guiding students to experiment

"When Mr. Liu guides us in scientific research, rather than directly helping us solve problems, he prefers to lead everyone to sort out key problems, analyze main contradictions, discuss solutions, and analyze experimental results. Even if this process takes more time, it can really cultivate our ability to think, analyze and solve problems. "PhD student Liu Shuang was impressed.

"In classroom teaching, teachers must be good at using various methods to mobilize the enthusiasm of students to listen to the class, so that students are willing to listen and like to listen, and they must be able to firmly attract students' attention." Liu Jinxu believes that scientific research and teaching are complementary and inseparable. If you want to teach a course well, a deep scientific research background is essential. "I will incorporate a large number of scientific research examples into classroom teaching, combining theory with practice, so that students will learn more thoroughly and remember more firmly."

"As a teacher, it is important to cultivate students' scientific thinking ability. The knowledge learned will be outdated and updated, but the way of thinking and thinking ability will continue and improve." In Liu Jinxu's view, a good teacher is one who does all he can to make himself unnecessary. The teaching of thinking methods and the cultivation of thinking ability are more important. Scientific thinking methods must be practiced before they can be materialized into students' personal skills.

Liu Jinxu with team members

"Be close to his teacher and believe his way", in the years of teaching and research, Liu Jinxu has been a teacher, teaching and educating others. Outside the classroom and laboratory, Liu Jinxu loves life, sports and photography. He often drinks tea, plays badminton, and climbs mountain with students... Grow together with student who are also friends. "Positive thinking, dialectical thinking, full communication, reflection and induction, hard work and hard work, practice of virtue, improvement of cognition, enlightenment and materiality, unity of knowledge and action". On the way forward, Liu Jinxu used his "nine maxim " to motivate himself and his students.

For more than ten years, Liu Jinxu has trained nearly 30 graduate students and doctoral students, and has sent many outstanding scientific researchers to key industries in China, many of whom have grown into technical backbones in the industry. When it comes to the students he has trained, Liu Jinxu's eyes are full of pride.

"It is my goal to cultivate cutting-edge scientific and technological talents for the country and apply scientific research results to key areas that are urgently needed by the country." Having worked in the field of materials for more than ten years, Liu Jinxu, with the dream of serving the country through scientific research, has carried out basic research, talent training, technological transformation and application of achievements, and has trained batches of outstanding graduates for the country. A number of scientific research achievements have successfully achieved industrial production and application through technological transformation, and he has written extraordinary stories in ordinary positions.

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