[Character Close-up] Sun Xin: In the Process of Students' Growth, We Achieve Success Accompanied with Each Other


"Teaching undergraduates is a mission. I hope to help students broaden their professional horizons and increase their knowledge in the classroom. Even if they still can’t understand some professional issues, I also hope to plant a seed for students in the course of teaching. In the future, this seed will be able to slowly take root and sprout on their professional development, and they will better understand the current professional knowledge in future major studies." Sun Xin, a teacher of the School of Computer Science and Technology and a representative of the 15th Party Congress of BIT, believes that using curriculum knowledge to guide students to conduct professional research and thinking, and to stimulate students' thinking about life, is the key to classroom teaching.

Incorporating career education and professional scientific research into professional courses is Sun Xin's "condiment" for students in addition to teaching professional knowledge. " Ideological and political education is very important. To train students is not only teach knowledge, but also to teach students how to behave and do things." For Sun Xin, the content of the course is already well-known, but she still has to prepare again before every class. "Usually, the work of scientific research projects is very heavy, but I cherish the opportunity to teach students. I hope that I can combine my years of teaching and scientific research experience to better help students."

“In the process of students' growth, we achieve success accompanied with each other”, it is Sun Xin's favorite saying. In the class, Sun Xin fell in love with the three-foot podium, answering questions for students; outside the classroom, she is the student's "life mentor".

"It is my honor to do my best to provide some support and help during the critical period of student growth." While serving as the undergraduate class teacher, the careful Sun Xin discovered that a seemingly optimistic and cheerful "sunshine" boy, in fact, has been suffering from a lot of psychological pressure for many years. Since then, the canteen lunch exchange every other week has become a tacit agreement between the teacher and the student. Accompanied by Sun Xin, the student walked out of the psychological gloom and regained his confidence. Today, the student has graduated for many years and has become the technical backbone and team leader of a well-known company in the industry.


In addition to giving students the most sincere training, as a postgraduate tutor, Sun Xin believes that students should reap the rewards of their precious youth. "It is not enough to learn professional knowledge well. Cultivating engineering thinking to apply what you have learned in project practice and the ability to communicate with all kinds of customers are one of the most important qualities of a computer professional." Sun Xin said.

In the first half of 2020, the scientific research project Sun Xin is responsible for is in a critical period of joint debugging and testing. Due to the impact of the Covid-2019, the project is almost deferred. Faced with the debugging requirements of the project and the difficulty of experimentation, Sun Xin brought the unique hard work spirit of BIT people to lead the students to face the difficulties and actively solve the problems. "We try our best to overcome the difficulties, and believe that there will be more solutions than difficulties, and the problem will be solved." Sun Xin and the students just clenched their teeth, overcame numerous difficulties, and completed the project tasks. "After this battle, the students' ability to withstand stress, self-regulation and teamwork has been greatly improved. We have experienced an important growth together."

In scientific research projects, Sun Xin always gives students full autonomy and room for trial and error; when students encounter difficulties, she follows good advice and guides students to break through difficulties and resolve problems. "Students can fully experience the real workplace through scientific research projects. Even if they make mistakes, they don’t have to be afraid. They are backed by teachers, and making mistakes is the only way to grow."

"Because of love, so I choose it." In 2000, Sun Xin graduated with a master's degree and came to BIT to teach in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and decision-making assistance. She has been working for 20 years now. During this period, she experienced the golden age of the Internet industry and the trough of artificial intelligence, but she never wanted to give up. "As a college teacher, I love my profession and the sacred job of teaching and educating people. As students grow up, we achieve success accompanied with each other and grow together!"