Guo Yunlong: "The Prince of Piano" plays the most beautiful youth concerto!

He is hardworking and practical. He won the National Scholarship and Xu Teli Scholarship, the highest honor of the student scholarship of Beijing Institute of Technology, the first prize of the 2020 National Robotics Championship of the Association of Artificial Intelligence, two first prizes and one second prize of the National Undergraduate Mathematics Competition, the first prize of the National Undergraduate Physics Competition in some regions, and the first prize of the Beijing Undergraduate Energy Saving, Water Saving, Low Carbon Emission Reduction Social Practice and Science and Technology Competition.

He devoted himself to practice and the society, and was awarded the Excellent City Volunteer of the Beijing Winter Olympics. He is Guo Yunlong, a 2018 undergraduate jointly trained by Ruixin College and Automation College, who plays the youth movement of Beijing Institute of Technology.


Combination of lessons and competitions into "positive feedback"

Guo Yunlong has his own unique understanding of learning. In his eyes, course knowledge, science and innovation competition, student work, voluntary activities, cultural and sports expertise and hobbies are all learning. He studied hard and pursued diligently, and made remarkable achievements in all aspects.

He is down-to-earth, hardworking and hardworking. The average score of his four-year college life is 92.57, with an excellent rate of 100%, ranking first in his major.


Guo Yunlong (fifth from the right) participates in the 2020 China Robotics Competition

For Guo Yunlong, who studies control, the combination of lessons and competitions is "positive feedback". He strives to apply what he has learned to practice and integrate theory and experience into new knowledge. He actively participated in and extensively dabbled in both theoretical knowledge competitions such as mathematics and physics, as well as practical scientific innovation competitions such as physical experiments, integrated circuits, robots, etc., but the road to competitions was not smooth. In 2020, Guo Yunlong participated in the first experimental contest on behalf of the school - the Chinese College Students Physics Academic Contest. In order to obtain a stable waveform in the experiment, Guo Yunlong spent five days in the school's physical experiment center. Guo Yunlong won 17 provincial and ministerial level and above awards in his undergraduate course.

After achieving excellent results, he also actively shared his learning experience with students of 2019 and 2020 through string talks and live broadcast. For him, his achievements at the undergraduate stage are just the first movement of the youth symphony. In the future, he will adhere to his research direction, continue to forge ahead, work hard, and write a more brilliant movement of life.

"One heat, one light"

I hope to lay a good foundation in the undergraduate stage. This foundation is not only professional knowledge, but also the outlook on life and values, which should be constantly improved in the undergraduate stage. He not only gains knowledge in "reading thousands of books", but also feels life in "traveling thousands of miles". In the summer vacation of 2019, Guo Yunlong went to Oxford University and Cambridge University in England to experience the study and life in foreign countries and expand his international vision. In the summer vacation of 2020, he will go to Hubao Village, Fangshan County, Luliang City, Shanxi Province

Teach local students two courses: Sun Tzu's Art of War and Practical Field Skills.


Guo Yunlong (first from left) teaches students to fold thousands of paper cranes in the process of supporting education

During the winter vacation in 2022, he participated in the security work of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and was responsible for the maintenance of audience order. His conscientious and meticulous performance won him the title of Beijing Excellent City Volunteer and served as a volunteer representative

At the 11th "Youth Festival" of Beijing Institute of Technology, we talked about the "Twelve Hours" of Winter Olympic Volunteers.


Guo Yunlong (first from right) attends the 2022 Youth Festival

In addition to the four years of social practice, Guo Yunlong, who has been the League branch of the class, actively carried out the construction of the class and league.

A heat, a light.


Guo Yunlong gave the class comfortable pillows printed with encouraging words.

He actively did a good job of work and service, and strengthened the construction of the class style of study. During the "Girls' Day", give the class girls warm milk tea. "Double 11" presents comfortable pillows with encouraging words. He is always the first to lend a helping hand when his classmates meet difficulties.

I am an introverted person. When I was a freshman, Guo Yunlong organized his classmates to participate in the "My Motherland, My Struggle" literary and artistic talent competition. I wanted to sign up, but I was afraid I could not do well. After understanding my ideas, Guo Yunlong actively encouraged me to participate in this activity and gave me the actor to perform. Finally, we won the grand prize of the competition. I am very grateful to Guo Yunlong for his encouragement.

——Guo Yunlong's classmate Lu Yiwen

Under his leadership, the Youth League Branch was rated as the "Excellent Youth League Branch" at the school level, and successfully applied for the "Pioneer Cup" of Capital University and secondary vocational schools, as well as the excellent grass-roots Youth League Branch.

Guo Yunlong has been learning and practicing piano for 16 years. The piano is a hobby for Guo Yunlong, a literary specialty, a recipe for calming his mind, and a close friend to accompany him.


After joining the school in 2018, he joined the piano group at the first time. In addition to intense study, he actively participated in the training of the piano group. In June 2019, at the piano concert of the school art festival, a piece of Yellow River and four pianos shocked the audience. This is the result of Guo Yunlong's 400 hour rehearsal with his peers.

I played the role of "the first piano" in this "Yellow River" concerto, mainly responsible for the interpretation of the main melody. In order to achieve the perfect effect of the overall concerto, I learned a lot of videos performed by piano masters, and also asked experienced seniors for piano skills. In this process, I not only improved the level of piano performance, but also had a deeper understanding of teamwork.

At the piano concert of the school art festival in 2021, Guo Yunlong won applause from the audience with another solo of Autumn Moon on Pinghu Lake. In addition to performing in the music festival, the class "One Two Nine" chorus, the "My Motherland, My Struggle" literary and artistic style contest... He always spared no effort to display his talent.


Guo Yunlong (second from right) attends the concert of 2019 Art Festival

In the first half of 2020, due to the epidemic situation, we cannot go back to school. He used the online platform to popularize music knowledge, share music insights, participate in the school's "art cloud class", and play different happy birthday songs for students. In the "Guide" activity of Ruixin Academy, he led the students to understand music theory. He wrote classics such as "Cloud Chasing the Moon" on the WeChat official account of Beijing Institute of Technology Piano Group, which was widely praised by teachers and students.

From learning expert to competition expert, from volunteer pioneer to piano prince. Along the way, Guo Yunlong wrote his ideal of serving the country with his outstanding achievements. For the future, Guo Yunlong has already made up his mind. At present, I have joined the State Key Laboratory for Intelligent Control and Decision Making of Complex Systems in the Institute of Automation as a postgraduate. My research direction is multi-agent systems, and I hope to contribute to intelligent unmanned systems in the future.

Inherit the red gene, work hard and forge ahead bravely, come on! Students of Beijing Institute of Technology!