Wu Nan: "A Good Example" of the Three-Foot Podium

Learn ideology, strengthen party spirit, focus on practice, and make new contributions

Combining the development of theme education with the promotion of "Double First-Class" in BIT, the results of theme education will be effectively transformed into the driving force for BIT’s reform and development.

When the whole BIT is carrying out in-depth study and implementation of the theme education of Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the Party Committee Propaganda Department will launch a series of character reports through special topics such as "Craftsman Teachers" to show the spirit of BIT teachers who are determined to be first-class and put teaching first, to extensively gather the majestic power to promote the high-quality development of BIT business.

"It is my mission and pursuit to independently cultivate top-notch talents for the national strategic field!"

He is a core member of the Huang Danian-style teacher team in colleges and universities across the country, and a famous young teaching teacher in colleges and universities in Beijing. The textbooks he compiled were selected into the "14th Five-Year Plan" textbooks of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and won the special prize and the first prize of the Beijing Education and Teaching Achievement Award.

He was selected as the Young Changjiang Scholar of the Ministry of Education, the Chief Scientist of the National Key R&D Program, and won the National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award. The students he supervised won the Excellent Dissertation Award of the Chinese Institute of Electronics, and the first prize of the Provincial and Ministerial Science and Technology Awards.


He is Wu Nan, a professor at the School of Integrated Circuits and Electronics, Beijing Institute of Technology.


Deep cultivation at the three-foot platform and being a role model for educating people.

As a young teacher trained by Beijing Institute of Technology, for many years, Wu Nan has insisted on integrating the cultivation of morality into ideals and beliefs education, cultural knowledge education, and social practice. The independent training system for top-notch talents cultivates leading leaders worthy of the important task of national rejuvenation.

Passing the torch from generation to generation, cultivating newcomers of the era

"I have studied at Beijing Institute of Technology since my undergraduate studies. In this first university of science and engineering founded by the Communist Party of China, the red gene has been deeply integrated into my growth process. "The cause of the party is the direction of our struggle" has also become the highest pursuit of BITers. "

From student to teacher, for more than 20 years, Wu Nan has taken over the baton of the "Red Education Road" and has worked hard on the three-foot podium.

"We must keep our original intentions, endure loneliness, be able to endure hardships, and dare to innovate." Wu Nan always remembers the sincere teachings of his mentor, communication and information system expert, Professor Kuang Jingming, School of Information and Electronics, BIT, in the practice of educating people, and always regards educating people for the party and educating talents for the country as the greatest mission, sticking to it and inheriting it.


Wu Nan and her tutor Professor Kuang Jingming

"Academician Wang Yue, the leader of our Huang Danian team, is ninety years old and still insists on giving professional courses to undergraduates on the podium of the classroom. During the epidemic, Mr. Wang still insisted on using the online class platform to teach, which gave me a sense of mission as a teacher to educate people. " As the young backbone of the first Huang Danian-style teacher team in national colleges and universities, Wu Nan benefits from the "three treasures" of self-cultivation, self-cultivation, and innovation.

On the top of the mountain, you can see the rushing river; on the top of the peaks, you can feel the mighty wind. It is this kind of inheritance of teachers' morality that has created a team of teachers with excellent quality and cultivated newcomers of the era who are worthy of great responsibilities.

"The key core technologies cannot be obtained, bought, or negotiated. We can only rely on our self-reliance and self-improvement, and firmly hold the core technologies in our own hands." In class, when talking about the development of the national enterprise Huawei, Wu Nan felt the students' love for the course and saw the future hope of China in the field of mobile communications from the focused eyes of the audience. After class, Wu Nan also likes to tell students the struggle stories of generations of BIT "information people", "the first red radio station of the party", "the first TV channel in new China".... "In the classroom, Mr. Wu will also share some stories of our brothers and sisters solving key core technical problems at work, which makes us more confident and determined to contribute to serving the country's major needs." Liu Zishen, a 2018 undergraduate majoring in electronic information engineering, said.


Wu Nan participating in the activities of the student league branch

A one-year plan is like digging valleys; a ten-year plan is like planting trees; a lifelong plan is like cultivating people. In addition to integrating the red gene into professional courses in the first class, in the "second class", Wu Nan went deep into the moral education activities of undergraduate classes, became a close friend with students, encouraged students with learning experience, and guided students with subject knowledge, led students with moral sentiment.

When he served as the head teacher of the 2015-level communication engineering major, several freshmen were not adapted to university life and could not find the goal and motivation of learning for a while. Wu Nan and the party secretary planned the theme activity of "taking dreams as horses and living up to youth". During the event, Wu Nan shared how he had cleared his goal direction and passed through the stage of confusion in his past study and life. Under Wu Nan's meticulous education and guidance, the style of study in this class is "double excellent", and the league branch of the class has also been rated as the national college vitality league branch.

"After working for many years, I still remember that Mr. Wu told us, 'Only by combining personal growth with the needs of the country can we better realize the value of life'. He helped me find the spiritual fulcrum of scientific research and life." Student Xiong Yifeng said. Today, Xiong Yifeng has returned from studying abroad to contribute to the frontier field of quantum technology that the country urgently needs. Since working so far, Wu Nan has successively served as the head teacher of undergraduates, moral education tutor, academic education tutor and party building tutor of postgraduate classes.


Wu Nan discussing academic issues with students

"The spring wind transforms the rain and moistens things silently, which is the best way for me to pursue ideological and political education." For more than ten years, Wu Nan has trained students with the spirit of "patriotism, science, entrepreneurship, dedication, and responsibility", making contributions where the motherland needs it most.

Deeply plowing teaching, creating high-quality gold courses

"Watchtower transmission is actually a multi-ary information source code, and the beacon tower in ancient China is a binary information source." In the actual teaching process, how to make knowledge understandable is a key issue. Therefore, explaining the profound things in simple terms is an important feature of Wu Nan's classroom teaching. In 2019, "The Twelve Hours of Chang'an" became a hit IP, and the clip of " watchtower transmission " provided inspiration for Wu Nan and the course team, integrating popular film and television elements into classroom teaching, and achieved excellent teaching results.


Wu Nan teaching the course "Principles of Digital Communication" to undergraduates

In Wu Nan's class, he can always find a teaching method that students like, which not only makes abstract knowledge easy to understand, but also enlivens the classroom atmosphere. "Virtual simulation makes the entire process of digital communication 'visible and tangible', which not only deepens my understanding of the basic theory of communication, but also facilitates personalized project exploration." As an experiencer of the virtual simulation platform, Chen Yanyan, a 2018 undergraduate student majoring in Electronic Information Engineering, said.

For Wu Nan, the teaching reform is not only reflected in the content of the classroom, but also adds the wings of "wisdom" to his teaching style. In 2021, Wu Nan developed a virtual simulation module for practical courses through school-enterprise cooperation, which not only allows students to carry out course experiments remotely, but also allows students to intuitively grasp the use of equipment and understand the experimental process through simulation technology, realizing the innovation of the production-education collaborative education model.

"How to support the establishment of an independent training system for outstanding engineers in the field of information and communication has always been a key research issue for me and the teachers of the course group." In 2020, based on the profound teaching accumulation of the "Digital Communication Principles" course, Wu Nan took the lead in building the "Advanced Digital Communication" postgraduate brand course, relying on professional virtual teaching and research rooms to build a teaching team, making it an excellent course for cultivating the core qualities of outstanding engineers, realizing the integrated training of undergraduate, master and doctoral students. "At present, we have built Chinese and English courses, and are recording MOOCs, striving to build a benchmark demonstration of the BIT's "energy-gathering courses"."

"Let the students get a telescope and a microscope." In Wu Nan's teaching philosophy, he not only allows students to understand the problem from the perspective of the entire knowledge system, but also helps students master the details of knowledge through innovative teaching methods.


Wu Nan leading the teachers and students of the School of Integrated Circuits and Electronics to visit the 772 Institute of the Ninth Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology of China

"Education and teaching reform must be forward-looking, face the national strategy, and play the 'first move'." With such a goal in mind, Wu Nan has undertaken the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's "Research on the Specialty Setting and Curriculum System of Electromagnetic Spectrum Disciplines" and "Research on the Training Path of Top-notch Innovative Talents in the Field of Integrated Circuits under the Perspective of Political Science and Political Science" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. "and other teaching reform tasks. "Aiming at the urgent needs of the national strategy and accelerating the establishment of an independent talent training system is the mission of the times entrusted by the party and the state to build universities with 'double first-class'." Wu Nan said.

The journey of the avenue is magnificent and boundless; the avenue is like a stone, and the walker has no boundaries.

Over the years, Wu Nan has been deeply involved in the front line of teaching, found real problems in practical work, focused on the difficulties and pain points in the independent cultivation of top-notch innovative talents, devoted himself to exploration, and continued to promote education and teaching reform. He has successively won the special prize and the first prize of Beijing Education and Teaching Achievement, 2 special prizes for school-level teaching achievement, and more than 10 honors such as the Teaching and Educating Award.

Integration of science and education, condensing the achievements of educating people

"Compared with the previous textbooks, many problems in the new textbooks written by Mr. Wu come from engineering practice, which has strong guidance for us to solve practical problems. This book explains the profound things in a simple way and is closely combined with practical applications. It is a good research-oriented course textbook. "Student Li Haoyang said.


A collection of textbooks edited by Wu Nan

"Integrating cutting-edge scientific research achievements into professional textbooks is very attractive to students. At the same time, this textbook can also better support me in my teaching." Relying on BIT's "Special Teaching Material Pedigree" plan, Wu Nan simplified and optimized his national excellent blog thesis into teaching materials, published China's first teaching material in the field of satellite communication synchronization technology, and used it as an advanced teaching material for undergraduates and a reference teaching material for graduate students.

The new mode of incorporating cutting-edge achievements into textbooks has received attention and recognition, and the textbooks compiled by Wu Nan and his team were awarded the "Excellence in Information and Communication Education" by the China Institute of Communications. "Our next task is to complete the compilation of textbooks for the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's "14th Five-Year Plan" with high quality." Wu Nan is full of confidence in this, "the new model of teaching material writing should be used on a larger scale."


"The key technologies and achievements made in scientific research can not only be integrated into teaching materials, but also be transformed into projects for students to innovate," Wu Nan explained. In many years of teaching practice, Wu Nan guided the undergraduate team to develop a multi-source fusion and collaborative positioning system based on the distributed collaborative sensing and communication project undertaken by him, focusing on the problem of precise positioning in complex indoor environments. Student Qu Yunbo said proudly: "The satellite navigation signal is very weak indoors, so we tried to integrate ultra-wideband and WIFI signals to achieve sub-meter-level precise positioning indoors. This system can be used in large public transport hubs such as airports and stations, to realize precise guidance to passengers." The project team won the special prize in the Electronic Design Invitational Competition sponsored by the Chinese Institute of Electronics. Adhering to the integration of science and education, Wu Nan relies on state-of-the-art platforms such as the National Key Laboratory to select topics from scientific research tasks and set up projects, allowing students to practice in real problems and practices, and to shape students' character of innovation, collaboration, and pursuit of excellence.

"Everything is difficult at the beginning, only after thick accumulation can we make thin progress." "First look for inspiration from the latest literature in the field." "Be patient with data and start with small modules." Yang Lvxiao, a doctoral student in the School of Information and Electronics, is about to finish his studies and go to a new job. Looking back, when he first joined the research group as a master student, he had no clue about the choice of research direction and the development of the subject content. Wu Nan's persuasion helped Yang Lvxiao find the direction of scientific research.


Wu Nan guiding students to do scientific research

"Innovation and truth-seeking" is the scientific research spirit that Wu Nan has always adhered to, and this spirit has also been passed down among the team students. Over the years, the students he trained have produced frequent scientific research results, published a series of high-level papers in top international journals in the fields of information theory and signal processing, and won the Excellent Doctoral Papers of the Chinese Institute of Electronics, and 3 students won the first prize of provincial and ministerial scientific and technological progress prize. After graduating, 80% of the graduate students he supervised served in the national strategic field, and many students chose to teach in colleges and universities. "I will keep in mind Mr. Wu's teachings, aim at the scientific research field that serves China's major strategies, face up to difficulties, and boldly innovate." During his undergraduate, master, and doctoral studies, under the guidance of Wu Nan, Yuan Weijie made breakthroughs in key technologies of aerospace communication networks and made contributions to major national projects. Now Yuan Weijie chooses to work in colleges and universities, holding on to the "baton" and educating talents for the country.

A gentleman should focus on the foundation, and the foundation is established and the Tao is born. Wu Nan believes that as far as education is concerned, it is the "foundation" to insist on serving the country's major strategies as the orientation of educating people, and to implement the fundamental task of cultivating people through moral education. The road is far away without giving up his ambition, and the journey is far without changing his original intention. On the road of BIT's red education, Wu Nan will always move forward firmly with dreams in mind.