Chen Duanduan: Exquisite Force in "Fine Blood Vessels"

From University of Oxford

To Beijing Institute of Technology

From mechanics to biomedical engineering

With exquisite "force"

In the "blood vessels"

She turns scientific research achievements into

A diagnosis and treatment platform serving people's life and health


She is devoted to work and happy life

Being a teacher with sound knowledge and behaving as a demonstration

Setting a good example for students

A good example of youth growth

Cultivating excellent students

Batch by batch rooted in biomedicine

She is Professor Chen Duanduan of School of Life Sciences, Beijing Institute of Technology


How will the Mechanics "Young Teacher"

Make "How to put the stent in the blood vessel?"

Full of wisdom"

At present, cardiovascular disease is one of the major threats to human health. According to statistics, more than 40% of the patients who die from disease in China are suffering from cardiovascular diseases every year, which also makes the research and treatment of cardiovascular diseases a key and hot direction in the medical field at present.

In 2011, Chen Duanduan returned China after completing her studies and came to Beijing Institute of technology to devote herself to the field of Biomedical Engineering and start her research career. The good atmosphere of science and technology serving the country and encouraging innovation of Beijing Institute of Technology has enabled Chen Duanduan to quickly combine her research accumulation in the field of mechanics with the needs of people's health. In 2015, she gradually focused on the "fine blood vessel".

The intelligent system developed by us is aimed at the ‘pain points’ of vascular disease diagnosis and treatment, which can help doctors scientifically determine the surgical plan, predict the effect of the operation, and directly serve the clinical treatment.

Speaking of her own research results, Chen Duanduan knows as if enumerating her family valuables. In recent years, with the development of minimally invasive surgery technology, vascular stents have become one of the important technical means for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Taking vascular stents as an example, as a "high-value consumable", once implanted in the human body, not only cannot be replaced, but also has a limited service life.

However, in the current actual surgical treatment process, for patients with different conditions, whether a vascular stent can be used, which suitable type of stent is selected, how the stent structure is designed, and where it is placed directly in the blood vessel are all subject to the doctor’s experience. The choice of different surgical options will directly affect the results of the surgery and the patient's postoperative living standards.

Function group of vascular interventional intelligent diagnosis and treatment platform

After years of painstaking research, Chen Duanduan led the team to establish mechanical function reconstruction models for different types of vascular diseases such as blood flow and tube wall forces, and comprehensively used a variety of engineering knowledge and technologies such as mechanics, artificial intelligence, and computing technology. And based on this, the "vascular interventional intelligent diagnosis and treatment platform" has been developed-this platform can help doctors in all aspects of preoperative diagnosis, surgical plan planning, postoperative effect prediction and long-term disease management, and establish a scientific evaluation mechanism to allow patients to have the best surgical results.

Our scientific research results must benefit the people, and scientific intervention decision-making directly determines the benefits of patients' lives.

The "Vascular Interventional Intelligent Diagnosis and Treatment Platform" integrates functions such as dynamic data acquisition and analysis, three-dimensional reconstruction of medical images, and blood flow parameter simulation of vascular stent intervention. It breaks the single function limitation of traditional medical diagnosis and treatment platforms and provides doctors with comprehensive diagnosis and treatment decision-making assistance.

At present, the Chen Duanduan team has cooperated with the First Medical Center of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army General Hospital, Fuwai Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Beijing Tiantan Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University, Beijing Anzhen Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University, Xuanwu Hospital of Capital Medical University, etc. The vascular interventional intelligent diagnosis and treatment platform has been serving first-line diagnosis and treatment and medical research in relevant departments.


"Black Box" + "White Box"

Making vascular surgery programs "intelligent"

This is a ‘mysterious’ step

Although the "vascular interventional intelligent diagnosis and treatment platform" can already provide doctors with scientific preoperative evaluation, it is Chen Duanduan's "ultimate pursuit" to make the platform truly "intelligent".

At present, Chen Duanduan has applied artificial intelligence technology to the intelligent diagnosis and treatment platform. After the platform has learned from big data, the data processing efficiency and the accuracy of the comprehensive multi-factor risk assessment model have been effectively improved, and the accurate judgment of the patient's condition has been realized. However, it takes a lot of hard work to realize the platform to automatically plan and design surgical plans for patients.

The artificial intelligence learning method based on big data is a kind of "black box" model, that is, without knowing the mathematical principles, it only uses massive data to find the law. The traditional discipline dominated by classical mechanics is the "white box", and people's research is based on the understanding and mastery of the mathematical principles in it.

"There are still two major problems in the realization of intelligently planned surgical programs. One is that the doctor's experience is difficult to quantify and inherit, and the other is that the platform is still lacking in mathematical equations." In Chen Duanduan's view, this corresponds to the "black box" and the "white box".

Extracorporeal Bionic Circulatory System

"In order to solve the two major problems, for the hardware, we developed an in vitro bionic system. This system can simulate the human vascular system and blood flow environment, record the system dynamic parameters in the doctor's interventional operation, and understand the surgical operation experience; for the software, we organically combine artificial intelligence with existing mathematical models, and make full use of existing knowledge to allow artificial intelligence to further improve the accuracy and efficiency of calculations, and achieve the common development of the two disciplines. "Chen Duanduan has a clear idea for the further optimization of the intelligent platform.

In the future, Chen Duanduan will further expand the platform's functions and allow the platform to realize autonomous surgical plan planning, in order to further reduce the difficulty of cardiovascular surgery and improve the effect of surgical treatment.


"Follow me!"

Serving the country with Science and technology and having a happy life

Chen Duanduan (third from left) on the front line of clinic

"Teacher Duan Duan, loves work, loves life, and does meaningful things for the country and society!" In the eyes of the students, Chen Duan Duan sets an example of learning as a teacher and a friend!

Theories do not come out of thin air, but must be related to actual needs.

Having worked in interdisciplinary fields for fifteen years, Chen Duanduan paid great attention to the cultivation of students' comprehensive abilities during the process of instructing graduate students, and integrated the concepts of serving the country and society and caring about people's lives and health. She often taught students during the specific research process. It is necessary to combine theory with practice, especially to carry out research for clinical needs.

"Ms. Chen always emphasized that students should participate in the research of actual clinical problems, exercise their innovative ability in scientific research practice, and have a sense of family and country. She hopes that we can find problems and research problems from the clinic, and finally serve the clinic with the results, so that scientific research can take root. "The 2018 postgraduate student Li Zeyan, who followed Chen Duanduan to carry out cerebral blood perfusion simulation research, talked about her mentor.

Chen Duanduan with the students

"For each student, I will arrange different research directions for them, but at the same time, we can integrate and complement each other in the general direction of our team." At present, under the guidance of Chen Duanduan, her four doctoral students are working separately. Research on fluid mechanics calculations, in vitro biomimetic systems, virtual surgery planning and artificial intelligence has been carried out, and the research results have simultaneously promoted the continuous deepening of the team's scientific research work. "Let students grow and scientific research results", Chen Duanduan has always maintained a virtuous circle of scientific research and education, realizing the progressive progress of scientific research results.

Since teaching, more than a dozen doctors and masters trained by Chen Duanduan have taken root in the front line of biomedical diagnosis and treatment in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. They have always upheld the ideals of BITers serving the country through science and technology, and wrote a new era of youthful glory in the medical field.

I hope my students can work and live in a comfortable state.

Chen Duanduan with her family

In Chen Duanduan's view, it is her responsibility as a teacher to cultivate students' good moral cultivation and have a good working and living conditions. She also set an example for the students with her healthy, positive, sunny and warm life.

“Only by keeping a comfortable state can we make continuous and long-term progress.” Chen Duanduan is a rigorous mentor at work, and in life, she is also a fashionable mother and the big sister of students who also likes to paint and dance.

Caring for her family, enjoying life, and continuing to maintain enthusiasm, this is Chen Duanduan, a philanthropic teacher of Beijing Institute of Technology.

Standing at the intersection of disciplines

Widely gathering wonderfulness and achieving mastery through a comprehensive study

Injecting wisdom into protecting health with advanced technology

Writing a glorious chapter for the country and society with innovative achievements

Master Teacher

When the whole party is carrying out party history study and education, the Propaganda Department of the party committee specially launched a special report on "Always follow the party and forge ahead on a new journey" to fully demonstrate the BIT’s achievements in strengthening the party’s leadership and party building, and vividly talked about BITers’ struggling story, extensively gathering the majestic strength of the BIT’s career development, and greeting the centennial of the Communist Party of China with outstanding achievements.

The "Master Teacher" column is planned by the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of Beijing Institute of Technology, and will successively launch a series of special reports on good teachers who insist on moral education, conscientious work, and silent dedication in front-line education positions.