[Character close-up] Xiao Jianqiao: Education to Help the Poor is My Unshirkable Responsibility


"Serving the people and dedicating to the motherland are my ideals and pursuits. I will do my best to make the lives of children in poverty-stricken areas brighter, help them go out of the mountains, accompany them to weave their dreams, and accompany them to realize their dreams." Xiao Jianqiao, a representative of the 15th Party Congress of BIT and a student of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, recalled his just-concluded teaching support work and confided in this way.

"Ms. Xiao is not only our teacher, but also a good friend. He often says 'be a human first, then write a composition', telling us' to be poor and strong, not to fall into the ambition of the sky' and encourage us not to give up in the face of difficulties, we must firmly advance toward the ideal." In July 2018, Xiao Jianqiao, who graduated with a bachelor’s degree, participated in the Postgraduate Teaching Team of the 20th Chinese Youth Volunteer Poverty Alleviation Relay Program, and went to the BIT’s counterpart poverty alleviation county-Fangshan No. 1 Middle School, Fangshan County, Lvliang City, Shanxi Province. In the year of supporting education work, he watered the flowers of the motherland with heart and affection, and ignited hope for the children with love and warmth.

"The composition is ‘with my hands, write my heart', while writing true feelings, I am full of inspiration. In Fangshan County, where Xiao Jianqiao teaches, students are generally weak in language and writing skills, and have a great fear of writing essays, and they do not want to write or cannot write. The teaching philosophy of Xiao Jianqiao's follow-up to the students, patiently guidance, and direct attention to the soul made the composition from the "old difficulty" of students to the "bridge of heart" for teachers and students. After Xiao Jianqiao took on the task of teaching Chinese, local teachers generally praised that many of the "low-advanced students" in the class were already "bamboo shoots broken into new mud".

During the teaching support period, Xiao Jianqiao served as the language teacher for two third grade junior middle school classes, with 25 class hours of teaching tasks per week, and was responsible for preparing for the high school entrance examination. Faced with heavy and unfamiliar teaching tasks, he humbly consulted local experienced old teachers, exchanged lesson preparation and teaching experience with classmates of the teaching support team, took the initiative to teach open classes, tempered his teaching ability, spent great effort and real effort to thoroughly understand all the teaching materials and real exam questions of senior high school entrance examination in the past ten years, and he has taught students in accordance with their aptitude according to the characteristics of local children's poor foundation. The hard work pays off. The Chinese scores of the two classes he teaches ranked second in the school's key classes and first in the ordinary classes in the 2019 high school entrance examination.


In addition to teaching students knowledge, Xiao Jianqiao also cares about the growth of every student in the class. One time, the father of the class student Xiaojun was unfortunately killed in a car accident. His grandparents could not withstand the shock and soon passed away. Xiaojun’s mother also left when he was two years old. Xiaojun was adopted by his aunt... After Xiao Jianqiao learned of the situation, he couldn't calm down for a long time, so he secretly determined that he must do his best to help Xiaojun. With his encouragement and help, Xiaojun's grades gradually improved, his personality became more cheerful, and he actively participated in the class speech contest. After the high school entrance examination, Xiaojun was successfully admitted to a software vocational technical school in Taiyuan and gained his own skills. Up to now, Xiaojun has kept in touch with Xiao Jianqiao.

In addition to actively devoting himself to the cause of supporting education and contributing to poverty alleviation, Xiao Jianqiao was also excellent in character and learning during his studies at school. The backbone of the student union, scholarship winner, outstanding student... These achievements cannot be achieved without his silent dedication, his perseverance, and his perseverance and determination. The red gene of BIT has been deeply rooted.

During his undergraduate course, he followed his mentor and actively participated in the research of the National Social Science Foundation key project "The Social Amplification of Risks in Global Value Chains and the Prevention and Control of Risks from the Perspective of Marxism". He has written more than 20 literature reading notes to consolidate his own theoretical foundation; on the topic selection of the graduate thesis, he closely integrated the development pattern of “constructing the domestic big cycle as the main body, and the domestic and international double cycles promote each other”, focusing on the mid-to-high-end manufacturing industry that needs to solve the "stuck neck" key technology, to study its upgrading in the global value chain.

In 2019, Xiao Jianqiao finished his postgraduate study at the school, his grades ranked first in his grade, and he was awarded the first-class academic scholarship for graduate students. As the backbone of student party members, he was recommended to participate in the first "National College Youth Party Member Training Demonstration Class", and was selected as the eighth "Youth Beili" annual model team together with his friends from the teaching team.

"As a student of BIT, I want to inherit the red gene, shoulder the important task of the times, and apply my knowledge and efforts to serve the country and serve the people." For the future, Xiao Jianqiao has his own firm choice-determined to become a selected student, continue to root and build the grassroots, and serve the "loveliest person" in his eyes.