Li Jinlin: Selfless and broad-minded, deeply cultivating "economic management" to create a brilliant chapter

[Editor’s note] 2021 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, and is the first year for the implementation of the "14th Five-Year Plan" and the start of a new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way. When the whole party is carrying out party history study and education, the Propaganda Department of the party committee specially launched a special report on "Always follow the party and forge ahead on a new journey" to fully demonstrate the BIT’s achievements in strengthening the party’s leadership and party building, and vividly talked about BITers’ struggling story, extensively gathering the majestic strength of the BIT’s career development, and greeting the centennial of the Communist Party of China with outstanding achievements.

On September 10, 2021, at "Teachers at BIT" Celebration of the Teacher’s Day and Teacher Commendation Ceremony, Professor Li Jinlin of the School of Management and Economics was full of excitement and joy. When he received the Pacesetter Medal of "Three Wide Education" from President Zhang Jun, the audience applauded warmly.

From youth to twilight, from black hair to gray hair, from the youngest teacher in the school to the oldest one in the school, Li Jinlin's 40-year career has been deeply imprinted with " Economic Management of BIT". He is a witness and participant in the building and development of the School of Management and Economics of BIT. During his more than 20 years as the leader of the school, he has been determined to forge ahead, and struggle, indifferent to fame and fortune, and imaginary, leading the school to create one after another milestone in the history of development.

In 1955, Li Jinlin was born in an ordinary family in Beijing. After graduating from high school, he responded to the national call to join in the team in Yuguanying Village, Liangxiang, a suburb of Beijing. In 1977, with the atmosphere of reform and opening up, he was admitted to the Department of Applied Mathematics of the Basic Department of Beijing Institute of Technology. In 1982, he graduated from BIT and became a teacher in the Department of Management Engineering (now the School of Management and Economics). In 1993, he served as the deputy dean of the School of Management and began to take up leadership positions. From 1996 to 2016, he served as the dean of the School of Management and party secretary and other positions successively.

Over the past 40 years, Li Jinlin has devoted himself to the development of management disciplines and the School of Management, growing and developing together with the school, and leading the teachers and students of the whole school to build the School of Management into a magnificent flower of BIT.

"The Discipline of Management Must Become an Important Force in the Development and Building of BIT"

In an ordinary and slightly crowded office, a blackboard was erected. Three small tables were put together to form a conference table. Four teachers were sitting around the conference table and discussing issues enthusiastically. A young teacher was writing "Syllabus of Operational Research..." on the blackboard. In the book "Journey of Economics and Management-History of Disciplines in the School of Management and Economics", this old photo shows the work of the BIT teachers in the 1990s. The young teacher who was writing on the blackboard is Li Jinlin.

In the early 1990s, the Department of Management Engineering, established in 1980, was renamed the School of Management. At that time, the School of Management had only three majors: Industrial Management Engineering, Management Information System, and Industrial Foreign Trade. The enrollment work for the Master of Business Administration (MBA) has just started. There were only more than 40 teachers, and the school was in the initial stage of "from small to large". It was also during this period that Li Jinlin entered the leading team of the school.

"What will the School of Management be?" When the historical baton was handed over to Li Jinlin's team, they continued to answer the propositions of this era through exploration and practice. In Li Jinlin’s view, the School of Management came into being during the school’s historic transition from a single engineering discipline to a multidisciplinary program. It is an important participant and witness of the school’s “five historical” transitions. The management discipline must be responsible for its mission, which is to become an important force in the development and building of the school.

To develop and grow, the School of Management must first solve the bottleneck problem of the shortage of school resources. As the main person in charge of the department, Li Jinlin always regards striving for development resources as the top priority for running a school. In 1999, with the strong support of BIT, the School of Management moved to the newly completed central teaching building that year, and the development conditions have been greatly improved. Since then, with the rapid development of the school, the International Affairs, Building 7 and the Graduate School have all solved the urgent needs of the school and provided space for teachers and students to study and work. In 2009, the School of Management moved to the main building, and the conditions for running the school have been greatly improved.

Talents are the first driving force for the development of the school and the building of disciplines. "Dean Li attaches great importance to the construction of the faculty of the school. He spared no effort in attracting talents and did not have any selfish intentions." recalled Ji Xinhua, then deputy dean of the School of Management.

Li Jinlin believes that first-class talents must be cultivated by our own on the one hand, and great efforts must be made to introduce talents on the other hand. Whether it is participating in a review meeting or an academic exchange meeting, Li Jinlin seizes every opportunity to discover and gather talents. In 2001, Li Jinlin went to participate in the project review meeting of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. The outstanding performance of Zhu Donghua and Liu Yun attracted his attention. After comprehensively considering the academic background of the two teachers and the development needs of the school and disciplines, he immediately convened an academic meeting to study after returning to BIT, and spared no effort to start the introduction of the two young talents.

Solving the problem of office space and children's enrollment... It is precisely because of Li Jinlin's efforts and inspiration that a large number of outstanding young teachers such as Zhu Donghua, Liu Yun, Cui Lirong joined the big family of BIT’s School of Management, which effectively enhanced the subject strength, expanded the subject direction, and provided a strong impetus for the development of the subject. "The talents introduced by the School of Management have good character, high level and great contribution." At that time, the personnel department of BIT gave high praise to the introduction of talents from the School of Management.

"The MBA and EMBA running schools have cultivated a large number of management talents for the society and enterprises, which has greatly enhanced the reputation of the school and the social influence of BIT." In order to adapt to the economic and social development of China, in 1994, the School of Management started MBA education. Li Jinlin always attaches great importance to MBA work and still undertakes MBA teaching work. In 2002, under the vigorous promotion of Li Jinlin, as one of the first 30 colleges and universities with the right to grant EMBA professional degree for senior managers, the School of Management started the EMBA, which is oriented towards further expansion and social influence. After more than 20 years of construction, our MBA and other professional degree education has been widely recognized by the society, won awards in a number of social awards, and a number of courses and teaching materials have been rated as excellent courses and teaching materials.

Through the efforts of several leading groups and teachers and students of the school, today's School of Management and Economics not only has 8 departments, 5 undergraduate majors and 3 doctoral programs of first-class disciplines, but also has a high-level teaching team with outstanding scientific research achievements, building a number of high-level scientific research centers, teaching centers, laboratories and innovation bases, and has passed the international AACSB certification, AMBA certification, EQUIS certification, receiving international recognition of school running level.

"As a Leading Cadre, We Must Be Selfless and Broad-minded"

The hearts of the people are moving together. As the head of the school, Li Jinlin knows that the development of the school requires the joint efforts of all teachers. This is easier said than done. Over the years, Li Jinlin has always started from himself, leading everyone to build a united, active, and harmonious campus cultural atmosphere.

In the summer of 1996, the School of Management hosted the Sino-US International Business Administration Seminar, and four professors from the United States gave lectures to senior managers of large state-owned enterprises. At that time, the level of internationalization of the school was not high, and the school did not have much experience in receiving large-scale and long-term foreign affairs. The hosting of the Sino-US International Business Administration Seminar is undoubtedly an important test for the school.

"Teachers have brainstormed and worked together, and their combat effectiveness and cohesion have been fully stimulated. The school has arranged a translator for each professor to ensure smooth communication, and translate and copy the original English textbooks for business managers to ensure barrier-free learning. We have also forged a deep friendship with American professors. "Faced with the challenge, Li Jinlin gave full play to the enthusiasm and initiative of the teachers of the school, and completed the reception task with high standards in a short time. Since then, the school has undertaken the second Sino-US International Business Management Seminar, and China and the United States also organized two summer camps for students.

"Teachers don't care about personal gains and losses when they start their own businesses. They can work hard together in times of difficulty. Everyone insists on taking every class, caring about the growth of every student, doing every research project well, and having hospitality to every visiting partner. This is the spirit of the School of Management. " Under the leadership of Li Jinlin, the School of Management has always maintained a strong cohesion and combat effectiveness.

"As a head of the school, we must have a strong sense of collective honor. If we don't love this group, then other teachers will not love this group." Over the years, the Party Committee of the School of Management has been rated as an advanced basic-level party organization in Beijing, and the school union has been rated as a small family for Beijing faculty members and a small family for national model faculty members, which is inseparable from Li Jinlin's solid work over the years. "As a leading cadre, you must be selfless and broad-minded. You must not have selfish thoughts, and you must not compete for honor or benefits with teachers." Li Jinlin, who is good at uniting and leading everyone to strive for honors and achievements, has a low regard for fame and fortune. He always believes that "We must persist in doing our own work and make all teachers particularly willing to work in the School of Management. That is enough."

"The leadership group is the locomotive of the school’s development. The school’s achievements today are directly related to the team's construction." In 1985, Zhang Xiaosu went to the School of Management to teach after graduation. He has worked with Li Jinlin for nearly 40 years, and has gone through various important periods of the school's development from small to large and from large to strong. "Although Mr. Li no longer serves as the leader of the school, this tradition has been inherited well. Working here, you will feel motivated and want to work very much."

As the main leader of the school, Li Jinlin attaches great importance to the construction of the school’s leadership group. He believes that a leadership group with firm politics, strong style, and a high level of leadership is an important guarantee for the healthy development of the school. "The secretary and dean must do a good job of party and government coordination and communication. For example, holding a democratic life meeting is a very important way of communication."

Li Jinlin loves the big group of the School of Management and cares about everyone in the group. In 2011, due to work pressure, Ji Xinhua got nephritis. "I remember very clearly that as soon as I was admitted to the hospital that day, Party Secretary Mr. Li and his wife, Lady Hong, came to see me. Within two days, all the members of the team went to see me." Said Ji Xinhua. Over the years, regardless of whether the teacher is sick or having difficulties in life, Li Jinlin will send warmth and greetings as soon as possible.

He "loves the old and respects the old". Every year at important events such as the Spring Festival and the Double Ninth Festival, he will visit retired faculty and staff and care about their lives and health; His words are warm and inspirational, just like a trickle of warm water, refreshing people's hearts. "He was like an elder, with wise and profound words, giving people ideological guidance and making people feel very down-to-earth," recalled Zhang Yi, a teacher at the School of Management. "He has never been arrogant. When we see him in the corridors or in the laboratory, we will always talk a few words cordially." Zhang Xiaosu, Hao Jianhua, and Gao Huiying, who have worked in the school for many years, all have the same feeling.

Having served as dean and party secretary of the School of Management for nearly 20 years, Li Jinlin has been indifferent to fame and fortune, shouldered his responsibilities, concentrated and led the teachers and students of the school to make unremitting efforts for the school and disciplines from small to large and from large to strong.

"From the Perspective of Student Growth, Considering Students Seriously"

Although he has been in a leadership position for many years, Li Jinlin has never forgotten his mission of teaching and educating people. In many years of educating people, he has deeply realized that as a teacher, he must start from the perspective of students' growth and be considerate of students.

"At that time, I quitted my job and wanted to get a Ph.D. When I realized my eagerness at the time and my desperate bet without any retreat, Mr. Li not only recruited me, but also gave a place for me as a public student." In 2005, Ma Baolong applied for a Ph.D. from the School of Management of Beijing Institute of Technology. Recalling the scene of enrollment that year, he still feels gratitude.

In 2008, Ma Baolong, who was studying in the United States, was about to finish his studies and was facing graduation. Standing at the crossroads of life, Ma Baolong has been thinking about where to go in the future, but he didn’t know how to talk to his mentor Li Jinlin. At this time, Li Jinlin had already planned the future for Ma Baolong. "Ms. Li took the initiative to call me to help me plan my graduation. I was very touched." Inherited from the teaching tradition, Ma Baolong has now become an outstanding teacher in the School of Management and has achieved outstanding results in teaching and research. Li Jinlin's student-oriented education concept deeply influenced him and this became his persistent pursuit of teaching and education. As a postgraduate tutor, Li Jinlin always thinks about and designs student training paths and methods from the perspective of student growth and development. He advocated that students should be deeply involved in all aspects of project research during the postgraduate period, laying a solid foundation for the development of students.

"In scientific research, we must calm down and devote ourselves to research. We must not be eager for quick success and instant benefit." Li Jinlin always emphasized that students must be able to endure loneliness, practice their true skills, aim at the forefront, and actively solve scientific research problems. The students under his guidance have published many articles in top domestic and international journals and important journals. They have also won the outstanding doctoral dissertation and master's dissertation of Beijing Institute of Technology, and the first prize of outstanding dissertation of Beijing Association for Science and Technology.

To do scientific research, we must be "indomitable", not only publish high-level articles, but also focus on people's production and life to solve practical problems. Team spirit, a sense of cooperation, and constant improvement in mutual communication and mutual help are required……These are the scientific research qualities that Li Jinlin has been striving to create for students. Under his influence, groups of students have been deeply involved in the field of management, struggled, and made achievements.

"Academically, Teacher Li makes full use of the system view to guide us to improve our studies; In life, Mr. Li and his lover Lady Hong have given us parental care and love. Regardless of learning difficulties or life difficulties, he will promptly give us help and guidance. His care for students is nuanced and deep and broad. " The teacher's kindness is unforgettable. Although graduated for many years, many students such as Professor Ran Lun of the School of Management are grateful when they recall their years at BIT. After years of getting along, the teacher-student friendship between Li Jinlin and Ran Lun has long turned into a deep friendship and warm affection.

"The teacher's words and deeds directly affect the students. It is necessary to start from the growth of the students, act by example, teach by word and deeds, and pass on the BIT's red gene." Li Jinlin always has students in mind, thinks of students, treats students with mercy and severity, and insists on being a good teacher and friend of students. Li Jinlin has instructed more than 100 undergraduates, masters and doctoral students, many of whom have become the backbone of party and government departments, colleges and universities, enterprises and institutions, and have made important contributions to the cause of the party and the country. Every time he went on a business trip, Li Jinlin would meet his students locally, talk about work, drink tea, and talk about good things. A few words of greetings and care not only reflect the strong friendship between teachers and students, but also show the teacher's deep concern for students.

Over the years, Li Jinlin has been awarded as an outstanding teacher in Provincial and Ministerial-level Institutions of Higher Education, an Advanced Individual in Teacher Ethics at Beijing Institute of Technology, the "Yanhe" Teacher Development Award Fund, and a model for "Three Wide Education". Since 1982, he has been responsible for the teaching work of "Operational Research" and "Management Statistics". The textbooks "Management Statistics" and "Management Statistics Application and Practice" edited by him have been selected as Beijing Higher Education Excellent Textbooks and "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" National planning textbook. He has made great achievements in income management, risk management, medical and health and other fields. He has won many honors such as provincial and ministerial-level scientific and technological progress awards and provincial and ministerial academic leaders. He has served as a member of the 13th and 14th expert review groups of the Management Science Department of the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

A generation has their own the mission, and a generation has their own responsibility. During the development of Beijing Institute of Technology, there are many teachers like Li Jinlin. They are loyal to the party’s education, dedicated to educating people, and devoted themselves. A wonderful chapter is written on the post.