Wu Dengxu: The Dong juvenile who built dreams at BIT

He is conscientious and hardworking

He won the National Encouragement Scholarship 3 times

4 first-class scholarships

As the first author,

he published an SCI top journal paper (IF=18.8)

and applied for an invention patent

He led the team to win

the title of National Excellent College Student Team

in the 2nd LG Chem China College Student Power Battery Innovation Competition

The first prize of the 11th Beijing University Chemistry Competition

In various student activities and voluntary services

His vigorous figure is indispensable...

He is a dream-seeking boy who inherits the red gene of BIT, Wu Dengxu, a 2017 undergraduate from the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Scientific research, available not only on the "book shelf" but also on the "shelf"

"I hope that in the future, the scientific research I carry out can be available not only on the "book shelf" but also on the "shelf", so that more people can learn about the frontiers of the industry, and I also hope that my scientific research can generate value for society." When talking about the goal of scientific research, Wu Dengxu's eyes were full of hope.

Wu Dengxu was born in Nanmuyuan Village, Bajiao Dong Nationality Township, Enshi City, Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Hubei Province. He is an out-and-out rural boy, and became attached to BIT because of the "Dream Building Project". When he first entered school, whether it was because of his unsuitability to the big city, or because of a different learning atmosphere from high school, Wu Dengxu's grades were not satisfactory and he was at a loss for the future. However, when he listened to Professor Wang Bo's inorganic chemistry class, all the confusion gradually disappeared. He was deeply moved by Professor Wang Bo's scientific research and serving the country, and he secretly made up his mind to pursue his own scientific research dream.

Wu Dengxu with his family

In the classroom and library, we can find his diligent figure, and his struggling footsteps were imprinted on the laboratory and competition field. After numerous days and nights of struggle, he received four first-class scholarships and two second-class scholarships. The improvement of academic performance is not his ultimate pursuit. In the process of theoretical study, he constantly explores his "true love". Under the strong scientific research atmosphere of the school and the careful guidance of the teachers, he was able to travel in many fields of chemistry.

In 2018, as the project leader, he carried out the university-level university student innovation project research in the direction of organic chemistry; in 2019, he teamed up to participate in the 11th Beijing University Chemistry Experiment Competition and won the first prize of physical chemistry; In the same year, he led the team to participate in the second LG Chem China University Student Power Battery Innovation Competition and won the title of National Excellent University Student Team.

Wu Dengxu (first from right) and his classmates participate in the Beijing College Student Chemistry Experiment Competition

During the competition, he learned that the "mileage anxiety" and safety issues of electric vehicles still need to be solved urgently. At present, the domestic technology is still in the follow-up stage. "Facing the major needs of the country, I have found a direction to work hard, and I want to carry out scientific research useful to the country." The dilemma in the field of lithium batteries attracted his attention. During the COVID-2019 at home, he immersed himself in learning about lithium-ion batteries and attended online academic conferences. The dream of "electric China" gradually became clear in his mind.

He took advantages of his vacation to go to Tianmu Lake Advanced Energy Storage Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. for an internship to understand the current situation of the lithium-ion battery industry; actively participated in the lithium-ion battery international forum, and constantly broadened his horizons; at the same time, he also strengthened the close cooperation with tutors and seniors outside the school to jointly deal with the scientific research problems in the solid electrolyte of lithium-ion batteries. A year later, he published a research paper in Advanced Functional Materials (IF=18.8) as the co-first author and applied for an invention patent. He said, "Diligence is the basic quality every scientific researcher should have." This dream journey has just begun. At the graduate level, he will continue to work hard to solve the "bottle-neck" problem in the new energy field, and help the early realization of peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality.

Devotion to make life better

Not only did he excel in study and scientific research, but Wu Dengxu's student work was also impressive, and he was once awarded the title of outstanding league cadre and outstanding student cadre.

In the class, he served as class leader, league secretary, organization committee and other positions. For four years, he insisted on serving the students and led the class to win the honorary title of "Excellent League Branch" of the university. As a student party member, he successively served as the director of Propaganda Department and deputy student secretary of the Youth League Committee of the college. He participated in the organization of "Newcomers of the Times", "vlog Competition", "Newcomers of the Times, Embrace the "Heart" Era" and other special events of the school. In addition, he participated in the operation of the "Beijing Institute of Chemical Technology Branch Youth League Committee" public account for three years, edited and sent dozens of WeChat tweets, fully demonstrating the uplifting spirit of the students of the Institute of Chemistry through the "Themed Group Day Activities", "Holiday Social Practice", "December Ninth" and other columns.

Wu Dengxu organized "I Struggle for My Motherland" and the Theme Group Day of the 4th Space Day Celebration

He has also served as a peer mentor in Qiushi Academy for two sessions, imparting experience and experience to younger students. In addition, he also paid great attention to campus construction. He participated in two school rights proposal contests and put forward reasonable suggestions to the university. Among them, the proposal of "establishing a sink in the basketball court of Liangxiang South Campus" was adopted. Students can wash their hands and face immediately after exercise, which brings great convenience and makes students' lives better. "The inclusive and open BIT has given me a platform for all-round growth. I am very happy to study and live here." With the feeling of loving the school and prospering the school, Wu Dengxu also actively led the team to participate in the enrollment promotion of the "Siyuan Project" and won the title of excellent university-level enrollment promotion individual.

Service passing on the red gene

"BIT's red genes and fine traditions have deeply influenced me, making me always remember to be a person who is useful to society and the country." Wu Dengxu actively participates in various social practices and integrates the dream of youth into the dream of a strong country. In Xiongan New District, he and his team members investigated the current situation of water resources and explored the development of the new district. In Yan'an, the holy land, he focused on the new energy industry and helped the development and transformation of old revolutionary base areas. His social practice team was once shortlisted for the outstanding team case of "thousands of schools and thousands of items" of Volunteer Activities for the Country People” summer social practice for college and technical secondary school students in 2019, and he was also rated as the outstanding individual of summer social practice for students in 2019.

In 2019, Wu Dengxu participated in the 6th Session of French project of Beijing Institute of Technology's "Overseas Program" and went to the University of Orléans in France to carry out learning and practical activities, which expanded his international vision and strengthened his belief in patriotic struggle.

"This year coincides with the centenary of the party. In the new great journey, I must not forget my original aspirations, forge ahead, and to contribute to the realization of the second centenary goal with my actions!" Facing the future, Wu Dengxu will inherit the red gene and show the demeanor of BITers in the new journey of struggle!

☆ What I want to say to the party ☆

A century of ups and downs, a century of prosperity. From the founding of the party, to the world-changing of the founding of New China, to the earthshaking of reform and opening up, the party is an immortal beacon that guides our voyage and is an immortal faith that shines on our lives. My hometown once belonged to a poverty-stricken minority area. It was under the leadership of the party that we won the battle against poverty and ushered in a beautiful new life.

Today's world is in a great change that has not been seen in a century. In this new era, as a college student cultivated by Beijing Institute of technology, in my future study and scientific research, I will be down-to-earth, learn and work hard, pursue excellence in climbing the peak of knowledge, inherit the red gene with practical actions, and write my thesis on the land of the motherland.