National Engineering Research Center of Flame Retardant Materials

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  The National Engineering Research Center of Flame Retardant Materials was approved by Ministry of Science and Technology and established in 2013, which is the only national engineering research center in the field of flame retardant in China. Together with National Laboratory of Flame Retardant Materials, National Center of Quality Supervision and Inspection of Flame Retardant Materials and Products, Flame Retardant Science and Technology (International) Joint Laboratory, Engineering Research Center of Fire-Safe Materials and Technology (BIT), Ministry of Education, and BIT Flame Retardant Materials Testing Center, this Research Center is composed of two sites: laboratories in Zhongguancun Campus and Xishan experimental area, covering an area of 5,000 square meters, with more than 120 sets of various experimental facilities, instruments and equipment, and a total fixed asset value of more than 100 million yuan.

  Based on the first-level disciplines of Materials Science and Engineering and Safety Science and Engineering, etc., and technological research and development advantages in basic research and achievement transformation, the Research Center focuses on the national requirements of public safety, disaster prevention and mitigation, fire safety protection and the key technologies and major engineering problems of flame retardant materials, and conducts researches on application basis, technology development and engineering based on its main research directions: research, development and application of environmental friendly and efficient flame retardant; flame retardant materials and processing technology; research and development of high temperature thermal protection materials and special functional materials; and fire safety assessment technology of materials and products.

  Focusing on the functional protection issues in the fields of petrochemical industry, electronic and electrical equipment, building materials, transportation, aerospace, military industry, manufacturing, public safety, etc., the Research Center has become an international advanced level and important influence platform for flame retardant material engineering technology innovation research, engineering development of new products and technologies, transformation and radiation of engineering achievements, social service and scientific and technological cooperation and exchange in the field of flame retardant in China, through independent innovation and integration of production, learning and research, by means of technological development, achievement transformation, technology transfer and incubation.

  Owing to the advantageous resources of BIT, the Research Center carries out multi-level and all-round talent training, and implements the undergraduate, postgraduate and postdoctoral training in the direction of fire-retardant from basic theory to application research to engineering development. Meanwhile, it provides different levels of knowledge and skills training for high-level engineering management personnel and technicians in the field of fire retardant, so as to improve the output of high-quality talents.

  The Research Center has extensive international cooperation and exchanges. It strives to improve its academic level and international influence by holding international and domestic academic and technological workshops and carrying out cooperation and exchanges with universities and research institutions in United States, Italy, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, etc.. The Research Center actively participates in the research and formulation of relevant national and industrial technological policies, regulations and standards, and participates in the industry development consultation and planning. Besides, it also actively provides strategic planning, policy research and other decision-making consulting services for the development of flame retardant industry, which forms an information communication platform for new products, processes and technologies of enterprises in this industry.

  The Research Center has perfect test methods, advanced equipment, national platform for engineering verification and results incubation, national-level platform for inspection and testing, mature pilot development conditions for flame retardant, flame retardant materials, high temperature resistant and special functional materials. Moreover, it has a good foundation to provide technological support and social services for engineering development and performance evaluation of materials and products of all kinds of research and development institutions (universities, research institutes, production enterprises) at home and abroad.

  The Director of National Engineering Research Center of Flame Retardant Materials is Prof. Yang Rongjie.

  Contact: Li Dinghua     Tel: 010-68913066