National Engineering Laboratory for Electric Vehicles

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  National Engineering Laboratory for Electric Vehicles was approved and established by National Development and Reform Commission in 2009.
This Laboratory is built on the basis of the first-level discipline of Mechanical Engineering, and its main research directions are: (1) research on design theory, system integration and control technology of electric vehicle; (2) research on efficient and high energy density integrated electric drive system; (3) research on group application of power battery, safety of vehicle energy source and efficient utilization of energy; (4) research on the electric technology of the whole vehicle components and the application technology of the core technology of the electric vehicle on special vehicle; (5) research on application mode, development strategy, standards and specifications of electric vehicles.

  The positioning of the Laboratory: (1) Technology Innovation-Electric Vehicle Technology Innovation Base; (2) Test and Inspection-National Electric Vehicle Motor Drive System Test Base; (3) Engineering Services-Achievements Promotion and Application Base, Production-Learning-Research Integrated Base; (4) Talent Cultivation-Technology Research and Development Talent Training Base; (5) Technology Exchange-Technology Exchange Center.

  The construction objectives of the Laboratory: according to the leaping development of China’s automobile industry and the needs of energy conservation and emission reduction, the key technologies, system integration and key components development of electric vehicles are focused on to realize the serialization and standardization of power systems and provide effective data for the formulation of various electric vehicle policies and specifications.

  The characteristics and advantages of the Laboratory: it is an authorized inspection base of drive motors under the 863 plans with EV system integration and simulation technology platform, power drive system development and test platform, power battery group technology development and test platform, and EV development and test platform for key components of electric vehicles. Having made breakthrough in key technologies of integration and control of electric vehicle systems, power battery group application, and efficient motor drive system, the Laboratory has acquired the capability of the integration of pure electric commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles, pure electric special vehicles, and plug-in hybrid vehicles, etc., and engineering development capability of the key components of vehicle control systems, permanent magnet synchronous motor drive systems, and power battery boxes, which contributes to the serialization of pure electric drive power system products for electric vehicles, and the Laboratory has become a research and development base with the characteristics of electric vehicle power system technology, power battery group application technology and component electrification technology in China. The pure electric bus platform, pure electric special vehicle platform and related parts and components completed by the laboratory are promoted and applied in domestic new energy vehicle manufacturers and complete set of technologies are exported to Europe. 

       Moreover, the Laboratory has hold technological workshop for over 8,000 pure electric vehicle operation support workers in Beijing, and provided more than 300 sets of motor test certification services for this industry.

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