Key Laboratory of Biomimetic Robots and Systems (BIT), Ministry of Education

Key Laboratory of Biomimetic Robots and Systems (BIT), Ministry of Education


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  The Key Laboratory of Biomimetic Robots and Systems (Beijing Institute of Technology), Ministry of Education, was approved and established in 2010.

  This Laboratory is built on the basis of the National second-level disciplines of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Bionic Technology and Control Theory and Control Engineering, which belongs to the National first-level discipline of Mechanical Engineering, and it is supported by the national “111 Plan”, “Special Mobile Platform for World-class Discipline Innovation and Intelligence Base”, and the national defense science and technology innovation team of “Bionic and Micro Unmanned System” and “Ground Unmanned Mobile Weapon Platform”. Its main research directions are: sports bionics; biological perception and interaction mechanism; and bionic control and system integration.

  The construction objectives of the Laboratory: researches on special function, structure and mechanism of biology and its organs are conducted by comprehensively studying the interdisciplinary and integration of bionics, mechanism science, information sensing technology, autonomous control technology, artificial intelligence technology and cutting-edge science and technology, which makes the breakthrough of the theoretical methods and technologies of motion bionics, biological perception and interaction mechanism, bionic control and system integration, etc., and solves a series of important and cutting-edge scientific problems. Besides, the Laboratory has established a technology integration platform for high-end scientific research such as bionic robots and unmanned mobile systems, and made a number of original innovations in bionic mechanism, perception and control, which leads the development of intelligent robots and system technology. Moreover, it provides technical support and reserves for strategic emerging industries of robots and security fields of several countries, and becomes an important base for national scientific and technological innovation and talent training.


  Contact: Song Ping     Tel: 010-68912093