Key Laboratory of Advanced Optoelectronic Quantum Architecture and Measurement, Ministry of Education

Key Laboratory of Advanced Optoelectronic Quantum Architecture and Measurement, Ministry of Education


  The Key Laboratory of Advanced Optoelectronic Quantum Architecture and Measurement, Ministry of Education, was approved and established in 2018.

  This Laboratory is built on the basis of the first-level discipline of Physics, and its main research directions are: (1) design and physical properties of quantum functional materials; (2) design and quantum control of photonic materials; (3) quantum measurement and imaging; (4) micro-nano optoelectronic devices and applications; and (5) quantum energy green materials application.

  The positioning of the Laboratory: researches on photoelectric conversion in advanced quantum structure materials and its physical mechanism are conducted by comprehensively studying the interdisciplinary and integration of quantum mechanics, condensed matter physics, material science, electronic and information science, optical engineering, theory of compressed sensing and topology, etc., which makes the breakthrough of the bottleneck of measurement and imaging technology of the existing extremely weak signal, and solves a series of major and cutting-edge scientific issues related to the design of advanced optoelectronic quantum structures. Besides, the Laboratory has created related optoelectronic devices, and obtained a number of original and innovative achievements, which leads the development of optoelectronic quantum structure design and measurement technology, and becomes an important base for national scientific and technological innovation and talent training.

  The construction objectives of the Laboratory: with the goal of cultivating innovative talents, taking important scientific issues and major national strategic needs as the traction, aiming at perusing the forefront of international development, and according to characteristics of subject directions, the Laboratory is determined to build a first-class academic team to conduct cross-disciplinary research, achieve high-level results, and promote national economic development.

  The characteristics and advantages of the Laboratory: as a single research institution, the Laboratory organically integrates the findings and knowledge in the field of quantum such as quantum materials, quantum information, single photon quantum detection, quantum energy, with the modern mathematical theories such as theory of compressed sensing and topology, which gives full play to the advantages of interdisciplinary integration, and contributes to form a number of internationally influential research teams with obvious advantages in information, optoelectronics, chemical industry and environment and other related disciplines, which occupy an important academic position among domestic and foreign counterparts. In addition, Academician Ge Molin is employed as the chief consultant, and there is a rigorous and active academic team of doctors and postdoctors with reasonable structure of knowledge, age, academic source and professional and technical positions. Among them, there are 2 distinguished professors of the Yangtze River Scholars, 3 winners of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 2 winners of Outstanding Youth Science Foundation, 3 youth experts of the Recruitment Program of Global Experts, 2 talents of Supported by Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University of the Ministry of Education, and 2 members of Science and Technology Nova Plan of Beijing. Over 97% of the researchers have a doctorate degree, and most of them have overseas experience of studying, studying or doing a degree.


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