Engineering Research Center of Navigation, Guidance and Control Technology (BIT), Ministry of Education

Engineering Research Center of Navigation, Guidance and Control Technology (BIT), Ministry of Education


  The Engineering Research Center of Navigation, Guidance and Control Technology (Beijing Institute of Technology), Ministry of Education, was approved and established in 2007, and accepted by the Ministry of Education in 2011

  The main research directions of this Research Center are: theory and application of multisensor information fusion technology; research on environment adaptive technology of navigation and guidance system; research on intelligent navigation and computer vision navigation technology; research on new inertial devices and strapdown inertial navigation system technology; and research on attitude measurement, stability and control technology of moving body.

  The characteristics and advantages of the Research Center: focusing on the transformation of scientific research products to model equipment and the maturity transformation from scientific research process to production process, the Research Center, whose research team has strong scientific research ability and rich engineering practice experience, has undertaken a number of national high-tech projects, major military trade project equipment development and production tasks. Up to now, a number of achievements have been equipped with troops in small batch production, and mature technologies and products have been transferred to cooperative enterprises to promote industrial technology exchange and make industrial progress.

  The construction objectives of the Research Center: 5 to 10 years’ construction will witness the formation of engineering verification environment for the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements of the Research Center, which will assist for improving the ability of technical and economic analysis and engineering evaluation of scientific and technological achievements. Moreover, the Research Center will build a first-class team of technological innovation development and system integration, and will make itself into a talent training and cultivating base in this field in China, which will enhance the ability of continuous innovation and sustainable development, promote the progress of the industry, and better serve the economic construction and national defense modernization of our country.