Key Laboratory of Nontraditional Micro/Nano Manufacturing, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Key Laboratory of Nontraditional Micro/Nano Manufacturing, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology


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  The Key Laboratory of Nontraditional Micro/Nano Manufacturing, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, was approved and established in 2016. It is built on the basis of the National first-level disciplines of Mechanical Engineering and Optical Engineering, the Beijing cross-disciplinary second-level disciplines of Optical, Mechanical and Electrical Micro/Nano Manufacturing, and Precision Micro/Nano Manufacturing which is needed for national defense, which also enjoys the features and advantages of cross-disciplinary integration, and its main research directions are: theory and application of laser micro/nano manufacturing; micro-nano assembly and testing technology; microsystem design; manufacturing and integration; micro-nano device manufacturing; and preparation and performance control of nanomaterials. There are 20 professors, 17 associate professors and 9 lecturers in the research team of this Laboratory, including an academician, a talent of Ten-Thousand Leading Talents in Science and Technology Innovation, 2 scholars of the Yangtze River Scholars, 2 winners of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 3 members of National Key Basic Research Development Plan (973 Plan), a youth member of National Key Basic Research Development Plan, 2 first authors who have published papers in Science , a top young talent of the Central Organization Department, an excellent youth of NSFC, a youth expert of the Recruitment Program of Global Experts and 8 new century talents of the Ministry of Education. The Laboratory has made a lot of pioneering achievements in the field of basic theory and application technology of non-silicon micro/nano manufacturing: the plasma quantum model is established to predict some abnormal physical phenomena in laser micro/nano manufacturing; the famous double temperature equation is improved to solve the problem existing for more than 10 years; the proposed laser micro/nano manufacturing based on Electron Dynamics Control (EDC) achieves processing efficiency improvement of dozens of times, and masters high-quality large-diameter-ratio micro-hole machining. In addition, it has undertaken a “973 Plan” project of Ministry of Science and Technology with 3 topics and tasks, 2 “973 Plan” projects of Ministry of National Defense, a major research plan integration project of NSFC, 3 major national science and technology projects, 2 projects of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 2 projects of Outstanding Youth Science Foundation, 2 key projects of National Natural Science Foundation, 3 topics and tasks of “863 Program” (National High-tech R&D Program), 7 projects of development of key national defense models, 5 national defense pre-research projects, 26 projects of National Defense Pre-Research Project, and 31 provincial and ministerial projects, with the research funds over 100 million yuan in the past three years. Besides, teachers and researchers of the Laboratory have published more than 300 papers and research results in the international high-level journals including Advanced Materials , N ano Letters ,  Applied Physics Letters ,  Optics Letters ,  Optics Express , and J. Am. Chem. Soc , etc., in which there are 46 papers with more than 8 impact factors, the time of SCI-cited is nearly 11,000, and 96 topical/special reports. Covering an area of 3565 square meters, the Laboratory has relatively perfect conditions for processing, testing and analysis experiments with 141 sets of instruments and equipment and a total value of 67.792 million yuan.


  Contact: Hu Jie     Tel: 010-68914987