Administrative organization

BIT Office

·Office of IT Administration

·Office of Law Affairs

Department of Organization, CPC BIT Committee / Party School, CPC BIT Committee

Department of Publicity, CPC BIT Committee

·News Center

Department of United Front Work, CPC BIT Committee

Office of Letters & Calls

Office of Disciplinary Inspection

Office of Supervision & Inspection

Audit Office

Department of Security

Office of Information Security

Department of Faculty Affairs / Department of Human Resources

·Office of High-level Experts / Office of Academicians

Department of Student Affairs / Department of Veteran Service and National Defense Education

·Education and Counseling Center for Mental Health

Department of Undergraduate Academic Affairs

·Office of Undergraduate Admission

Graduate School

·Graduate Admission Office

·Office of Academic Degree & Faculty

Department of Planning & Finance

·Office of Double First-Class / Office of Discipline Development / Office of Major Project

·Office of Educational Foundation

·Accounting Center

·Bidding & Purchasing Center

Research Institute for Science and Technology

·Office of the Association for Science and Technology

·Carbon Neutrality Institute

Department of Cooperation and Development / Alumni Association Secretariat

Office of National Assets & Laboratory Management

Department of Logistics & Infrastructure Construction

Office of International Affairs / Office of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs

Office of Retired Staff Service

Labor Union

Communist Youth League Committee

Party Committee Office of Administrative Organs

Party Committee Office of Colleges

  • Zhongguancun Campus:

    No 5 Zhongguancun South Street, Haidian District, Beijing
  • Liangxiang Campus:

    No 8 and 9 Yards, Liangxiang East Road, Fangshan District, Beijing
  • Xishan Campus:

    No 16 Lengquan East Road, Haidian District, Beijing

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