• Administrative organization

    Here is a brief introduction of BIT's administrative organizations.
  • Other academic and research institutions

    Here is a brief introduction of BIT's academic and research institutions.
  • Support Units

    Here is an introduction of BIT's support units.
  • Others

    Here is an introduction of BIT's affiliated organizations.
  • School of Aerospace Engineering

    It offers the six undergraduate programs of flight vehicle design and engineering, aerospace transportation and control, flight vehicle propulsion engineering, weapon system and launching engineering, exploration guidance and control, and engineering mechanics.
  • School of Mechatronical Engineering

    Over the past few decades, the school has continuously evolved to meet national strategic needs and international development frontiers. Today, it has become a renowned academic institution that not only has a strong focus on the military industry but also covers a wide range of disciplines and levels. These include mechanics, machinery, chemistry, materials, electronics, information, and control.
  • ​Weapon Science and Technology

    Over the years, the discipline has undergone professional transformation and expansion, becoming China's first comprehensive professional system in conventional weapons.
  • School of Mechanical Engineering

    The School of Mechanical Engineering has two national key disciplines, namely, mechanical engineering and power machinery and engineering, and a Beijing municipal key discipline called opto-mechatronics micro-nano manufacturing science and technology.

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  • Zhongguancun Campus:

    No 5 Zhongguancun South Street, Haidian District, Beijing
  • Liangxiang Campus:

    No 8 and 9 Yards, Liangxiang East Road, Fangshan District, Beijing
  • Xishan Campus:

    No 16 Lengquan East Road, Haidian District, Beijing

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