• Journal of Deep Space Exploration

    JDSE is a bilingual journal to promote the development of deep space exploration, and it is devoted to the applications of scientific and technological breakthroughs, as well as current polices, trends and progress of scientific research.
  • Journal of Beijing Institute of Technology

    The journal covers fields in engineering science and technology, especially the interdisciplinary fields that employ information technology in engineering disciplines. It has been accepted as a core periodical in natural science and as one among the statistical resources on Sci-Tech papers in China.
  • Green Energy and Intelligent Transportation

    The aim of the journal is to setup a platform for sharing and exchanging innovations in the area of transportation, powered by green energy and intelligence.
  • Unmanned Systems

    An unmanned system is a machine or device that is equipped with necessary data processors, sensors, automatic control, and communications systems, and is capable of performing missions autonomously without human intervention. The journal aims to cover all subjects related to the development of automatic machine systems.
  • Cyborg and Bionic Systems

    Cyborg and Bionic Systems' mission is to promote the knowledge interchange and hybrid system codesign between living beings and robotic systems.
  • ​Energy Material Advances

    The journal covers multiple fields from cutting-edge material to energy science, investigating theoretical, technological as well as engineering aspects.
  • Space: Science & Technology

    It publishes high-quality research articles, review articles, editorials and perspectives from the world's top universities and research institutions, on the intersections, frontiers and hot topics in the space field.
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