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The Beijing Institute of Technology Library was established in 1940 as the Yan'an Academy of Natural Sciences Library. Today, it encompasses the Zhongguancun campus library, the Xu Teli library located on the Liangxiang campus, and four professional branches covering the fields of machinery and vehicle engineering, science, humanities, and law. With a total floor area of 55,699 square meters, the library holds a collection of 2.84 million printed books, 1.74 million electronic books, and 291 databases. 


The Xu Teli Library opened in October 2008, offering readers various spaces for digital learning, newspaper and magazine reading, design art and audio-visual exercises, as well as an art gallery, military reading room, the memorial hall for Xu Teli, and six public reading rooms. It also introduced a self-service book circulation system in 2010, providing readers with 24-hour service.


The library has a characteristic collection literature system, forming a literature resource guarantee system with high quality, complete subject coverage, equal emphasis on print and digital, and distinctive national defense characteristics. The integrated library management system, full-text linking system of electronic resources and cross-database retrieval system of electronic resources have realized seamless linking of library information resources and one-stop service for obtaining target information.


The development goal of the library is to build a knowledge-centered intelligent and comprehensive academic service entity, adhering to the five-in-one service goal of "reading service, knowledge service, wisdom service, featured service, and space service", and strive to build the library into a new generation of intelligent library, to achieve the modernization of the management of the library, the holistic development and the full range of services.

24-hour Reading Interactive Space

Are you still worried that your roommates will be disturbed by the overnight review? Are you still trying to study hard but can't find a good environment? The "Xin Study Room-24 Hours Shared Learning and Leisure Space" of the Xu Teli Library on Liangxiang Campus will solve this kind of problem for you. The comfortable and casual coffee and book bar, efficient and convenient self-service facilities, fresh and elegant overall environment, dense and orderly seating arrangement and professional security of in-service librarians provide a good learning venue for the teachers and students of Liangxiang Campus.

Commonly used services

Seat Reservation

To enter the library, you need to reserve a seat in advance and swipe your Campus Card to sign in and take your seat. Reservations can be made online through the library's WeChat Official Account, iBIT app or the library's web portal for the same day or the next day, or you can choose your seat directly from the seat reservation machine in the library.

Book Borrowing

You can find the books you want to borrow in the reading room and use the self-checkout machines in the library to check out the books. Undergraduates are allowed to borrow 10 books, and master's and doctoral students are allowed to borrow 20 books for a period of 30 days, and each book can be renewed once.

Database Access

You can search for resources through the "Search all" module of the library portal, or visit the "Database List" and enter the database website to search for resources.

For more information, please visit the library's website at

  • Zhongguancun Campus:

    No 5 Zhongguancun South Street, Haidian District, Beijing
  • Liangxiang Campus:

    No 8 and 9 Yards, Liangxiang East Road, Fangshan District, Beijing
  • Xishan Campus:

    No 16 Lengquan East Road, Haidian District, Beijing

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