Administrative Regulations of Student Enrollment

Ⅰ. All the students should complete all courses and get its scores and credits according to our teaching plan and class-division, and are not allowed to be absent from class without reason. If you ask for sick leave, please go to Room 121B with your medical certification, and go to Room 110 for business leave. Otherwise, you will be considered as absence. 

Ⅱ. Punishment to language student who is absent for a certain time:

  ①If the absence reaches more than 20 credit hours in one semester, student will be given a warning.

  ②If the absence reaches more than 40 credit hours in one semester, student will be given a serious warning.

  ③If the absence  reaches more than 60 credit hours in one semester, student will not be granted Accomplishment Certificate.

  ④If the absence reaches more than 70 credit hours in one semester, student will be given a warning of expulsion from university.

  ⑤If the absence reaches more than 80 credit hours in one semester, student will be expelled from university.

Ⅲ. If the absence reaches 1/3 of total hours of one course, you will get 0 point in attendance score (10 points) and regular score (10 points) of this course. If the absence reaches 1/2 of total hours of one course, you are not allowed to take part in the final exam or get the credit of this course.

Ⅳ. The attendance will be recorded in the final comprehensive scores, and be listed on the transcript.

Ⅴ. Full attendance students will be rewarded by Office of International Students every semester.

II. Examination

  ①Students must take mid-term exam and final exam. Both exams are given in the form of percentages.

  ② Students who are absent from the exam or cheat in the exam will be given a score of 0.

  ③Composition of total score

  ④Non-degree student who completes required courses will be granted transcript and Accomplishment Certificate. Otherwise, only the proof of study will be provided.

  ⑤Degree student who completes Chinese language task will get credits. The one who has not completed courses, taken exam or failed to pass exam won’t be granted corresponding credits.

  ⑥Degree student who fails in exam can retake the course with a charge of 1000 RMB per credit. And you will get credits only when you have courses and pass the exam.

Please obey the above rules. Hope you have a pleasant study and life here! 

III. Attendance Regulation for Degree International Students

1. International students should follow the University’s Regulation to attend classes with no Absenteeism, Late Arrival or Early Leaving.

2. If one cannot come to class more than 3 days due to illness or personal arrangements, the student should submit the Written Application of Asking for Leave to the Office of International Students before the class begins, or will be counted as absenteeism. 

3. Student who cannot come to class due to illness should submit the Diagnosis Certification from the Hospital together with the Written Application of Asking for Leave.

4. If the student needs to extend the time of leave, please resubmit the Written Application of Asking for Leave.

5. Asking for Leave to travel is not allowed during the school days. Students can spend their weekends to have short trips, but the arrangement should not influence the regular class schedule.

6. During the whole semester:

  - 3 times Late Arrival equal to Absenteeism for 1 class hour

  - Over 20 class hours of Absenteeism for no reason, the student will receive a Warning

  - Over 40 class hours of Absenteeism for no reason, the student will not be allowed to take the Exam.

  - Over 60 class hours of Absenteeism for no reason, the student will be regarded as giving up this admission.

  NOTE: 1 class hour = 45 minutes; usually each course will have 3 class hours per lesson per day.

IV. Suspending the study, transferring to another university, withdrawing from university, changing student status, and extending duration of study

Foreign diplomatic organ in China or dispatching department has to apply for permission by The Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China for its own student who enjoys Chinese government scholarship and wants to suspend the study, transfer to another university, withdraw from university, change student status or extend duration of study. The application of student who is recommended by foreign organization of university has to be addressed to BIT by referral unit. And then BIT will decide if thestudent's application should be approved.Other students can directly address an application to Office of International Students in person and complete related procedures after to be approved. 

(1) Suspending the study: student with doctor’s note or certificate issued by dispatching department justify that it is in need to suspend the study, will be provided a suspending certificate. When returning to school, do ensure to bring suspending certificate to complete related procedures. You have to send your recovery certificate to the university two months before your returning. You are able to enter China after obtaining permission from the university. And then you need to go to university hospital to check once arrival and will be allowed to go on your study in BIT if you meet the healthy standards. Expiration will be regarded as automatic withdrawal from the university. 

(2) Transferring to another university: you have to give the reason for transferring, submit required documents, and receiving proof issued by another university. Transferring in the middle of the semester is not allowed. 

(3) Extending duration of study: an application is needed to give the reason and how long you want to extend two months before your deadline of study. Student who doesn’t study hard, go against laws and decrees of Chinese Government and violates rules and regulations of BIT seriously will not be allowed to extend duration of study. 

(4) Withdrawing from university: international students are required to apply for withdrawing in advance, and then complete leaving procedures, and return their student ID cards and campus IC cards to the university. You shall leave the university within one week after withdrawing from university. 

V.Procedures for leaving the university 

1)Graduating International Students are required to leave the university within 15 days after your study becomes due. They are also required to obtain a "Form for Leaving theUniversity" from the Office of International Students and complete the following procedures before leaving: 

      (1) Clear all fees 

      (2) Return books to the library 

      (3) Check out from your student residenceif you live on campus. You have to compensate for any loss any damage to the public possession in the dormitory. 

      (4) After completing the above procedures, you may obtain your transcript and completion certification/ graduation certification from the Office of International Students while you return your student ID card and campus IC card. 

2) International student leaving university for the reason of suspending the study, transferring to another university, or withdrawing from university, is also required to complete the above procedures.

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