Professor Yuan Ye: Dig deep in big data

With over 100 published papers at important academic conferences and in key academic journals, Professor Yuan Ye works at the School of Computer Science at the Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT).

A national leading talent, Yuan has led multiple national natural fund key projects, and key research and development projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology. He has won first prize in natural science from the China Electronics Society, first prize for technological progress from the Ministry of Education, the nomination prize for national outstanding doctoral dissertation, and the outstanding doctoral dissertation award from the China Computer Society. 


Professor Yuan Ye has engaged in big data research for over 17 years. [Photo/]

Focusing on big data research, Yuan has been engaged in scientific research for more than 17 years. He has been a visiting scholar at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and the University of Edinburgh in the UK. 

In addition, Yuan is dedicated to the development of foundational software for graph databases. 

After a series of research efforts, he has successfully established a complete and flexible intelligent graph data processing system. 

Compared to international mainstream technologies, Yuan's research has reduced the latency of processing billion-scale graphs from hours to seconds and improved query efficiency by two orders of magnitude, achieving a performance improvement of over a hundred times. 

These achievements have earned Yuan first prizes in natural science from the China Electronics Society, the National Excellent Youth Science Fund, and the National Distinguished Youth Science Fund.


Yuan Ye serves as the chairperson of the "Neuro-Symbolic Computation: Theory, Technology, and Applications" technical forum at the China National Computer Congress (CNCC). [Photo/]

Based on these research results, Yuan has proposed a new concept: the "Neural Symbol Database." 

The database can handle both traditional structured data and efficiently manage unstructured data and multimedia content in the artificial intelligence era, making it easier for ordinary people to use AI without feeling it an insurmountable barrier.


Yuan Ye discusses with students. [Photo/]

Having been a mentor for 13 years, Yuan has guided nearly a hundred graduate students. 

The students he has mentored have published over 50 papers at top conferences or in top academic journals and over a hundred SCI papers. 

Drawing from his own research experience, Yuan advocates giving students more time and space for independent thinking.


Yuan Ye guides students in research. [Photo/]

"Professor Yuan has always been patient in guiding us, respecting our interests and strengths in choosing research directions. He generously imparts research methods and techniques and is also very concerned about our daily life, helping us cope with the pressures and challenges of academic research," said postdoctoral fellow Qiao Lianpeng.

In the future, Yuan will continue to explore his beloved field of scientific research and cultivate more outstanding talents.


Yuan Ye poses for a group photo with graduates. [Photo/]

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