BIT Professor Tatsuo Arai wins Beijing Great Wall Friendship Award

Professor Tatsuo Arai from the School of Mechatronical Engineering at the Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) was honored at the recent 16th "Beijing Great Wall Friendship Award" ceremony and symposium.

Professor Tatsuo Arai is an internationally renowned expert in the fields of robotic mechanisms, bionic robots, and micro/nano manipulative robots. 


Professor Tatsuo Arai [Photo/]

He is an IEEE Fellow and the founding chairman of the International Association for Automation and Robotics in Construction. He is also the recipient of two of the highest awards in Japan's mechanical engineering field, the "Funai Award" and the "Distinguished Service Award from the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers".

Tatsuo Arai is one of the founders and executive editors of the international journal ROBOMECH and serves as editor-in-chief of the Journal of Robotics and Mechatronics. He has published over 600 papers in journals such as TIE, TRO, T-Mech, T-ASE, and contributed to conferences like ICRA and IROS, winning more than 20 best paper awards in international academic journals and conferences. 

The professor is also a pioneer in the industrialization of robotics, holding over 60 invention patents in countries and regions including the United States, Europe, Germany, Japan, and China. Industrial mechanical arms such as TELBOT and controllers like JOYARM, micro/nano manipulators like Micro-Hand, and general-purpose robots for construction, whose development he participated in, have been mass-produced by companies such as WEG in Germany and MES in Japan and applied in dozens of countries and regions in Europe and Japan.

"I am deeply honored to receive the Beijing Great Wall Friendship Award, and I am sincerely grateful to BIT and the School of Mechatronical Engineering for their long-term support and assistance in my research work. I will continue to devote myself to the school's research and talent cultivation work, making contributions to the rapid development of BIT." remarked Tatsuo Arai.


Professor Tatsuo Arai's experimental team [Photo/]

The Beijing Great Wall Friendship Award, established by the Beijing Municipal Government in 1999, is the highest honor bestowed upon foreign nationals in Beijing, aiming to thank and commend them for their outstanding contributions to the economic and social development of Beijing and their spirit of dedication in their work. Up to date, a total of 206 foreign nationals from 30 countries have obtained this award.

Previously, three foreign teachers from BIT had won the Chinese Government Friendship Award. BIT will strive to build a team of high-quality talents who stand at the forefront of the world's science and technology and are couragous to explore and innovate, and make continuous contributions to building BIT into an important talent center and innovation highland in the world!

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