BIT students make new breakthrough in world-class programming contest


BIT students achieve the best result for BIT in ICPC. [Photo/]

The 46th and 47th International Collegiate Programming Contest World Finals (ICPC World Finals) were held in Luxor, Egypt on April 18. 

The competition is hailed as the Olympics of the computer programming field in the world. 

The Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) team consisted of undergraduate students from the School of Computer Science and Technology of 2020, Zou Zhiqu, and Zhu Zilin, as well as an undergraduate from the XUTELI School of 2020, Lin Kai. 

Under the guidance of Coach Lin Yonggang, they competed fiercely with the teams from 170 top universities globally, including Peking University, Tsinghua University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

They defeated strong rivals of computer schools of renowned universities such as the National University of Singapore, Stanford University, and Nanyang Technological University, ultimately ranking thirteenth globally and fourth among Chinese mainland universities, achieving the best result for BIT in the competition.

The ICPC is a world-class programming competition initiated and organized by the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery). 


Students engage in ICPC World Finals. [Photo/]

Started in 1970, the ICPC has become one of the largest and most influential university student competitions in the world, gathering programming experts from around the globe. 

Every year, thousands of teams from over 100 countries and regions participate in ICPC regional contests and global finals.

During the competition, BIT schools and colleges provided technology innovation bases and platforms for clubs, as well as comprehensive support and guidance to students relying on school practice platforms, training systems, talent resources, and faculty strength. 

In the future, BIT students will continue to strive for excellence, work together, and make even more brilliant achievements.

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